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Favorite Animals

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago


I adore my cat, but she's a mysterious little thing. She has yet to reveal to me what her real name is and we've been living together for almost 3 years! She was a stray so perhaps is trying to escape the memories of her life on the streets. Anyway, she responds to 'Puss' when the mood strikes her and we've decided to settle with that!








Hi my favorite animal is the.....

You are going to have to click to my blog to find out




They are wonderful dogs. They are family dogs and they don't bark too much. It's one thing they can be stubborn. The ones below are not the ones.



1.jpg" width="200" border="0" />Favorite Animal

This is Goldy my fish pet, he or she (I don't know his or her gender), has been my best friend for more than a year, Goldy is a peaceful animal who just bring beauty and quiet company to me. - Abcd123...



I thought it would be fun to share our favorite animals, too! I'm sure we'll have a fair number of visitors choosing dogs and cats, so I'd like to set this up as a counter. Just add to the number beside your animal of choice, or list a new one! - F. Stone


Add your vote:



  • Goats 3
  • Butterflies: 4
  • HorsesGreen Anoles: 4,846,254,586,458,845,856 1
  • Dogs: 2,000,018 (including Kintaro the virtual dog!)
  • Cats: 3,000,000,023 (because cat's know how to cheat)
  • Guinea pigs: 4
  • Hedgehog: 3
  • Bumblebees: 1
  • Ducks: 3
  • Lovebirds: 3
  • Iguanas: 3
  • Ferrets: 1
  • Bigfoot: 1
  • Squirrels: 1
  • Giraffe: 3
  • Stuffed Ones: 2
  • Poodles (they are more than the average dog) 1
  • Prairie Dogs 6 (they work better in pairs)
  • Merrcat 1
  • Mountain lion (Roar)1
  • Tarantula 1
  • Koalas 1
  • Platypus 1
  • Panda Bear 2
  • Pigs 2
  • Rats 1
  • Lemurs 1
  • Cows 3
  • Poodles (they are not dogs) 1
  • Echidnas 2
  • Owls 1

Bears 1


  • Tiger: 2
  • Frogs 1

Florida Panther

  • Donkeys 1
  • Penguins 1
  • Puffin
  • Dolphin




Nobody beats man's best friend. I have recently discovered that there are actually cats out there though, who are loving and affectionate. They are just so self sufficient; whereas dogs need you...all the time!! I'm trying to be more understanding of those cats out there.


I love my two cats Woolly and Oliver! All Ginger cats are naughty and my little Oliver is proof of this!!



  • Here is a picture of my dog, Gus. Isn't he lovely! Hey I like Gus, he looks woolly and friendly


  • Love my little four legged man's best friend pet dog CEAZER . Dogs in general are loveable and cubbleable and the most faithful creatures on earth.


  • I adore my ragdoll/birman called Harry- never a dull moment since we brought him home- independant but always rady for a cuddle.
  • Guinea pigs are wonderful, interactive animals. They are always making me laugh and no matter how bad my day is going, one look at them and I'm completely cheered up

I love horses. They are really intelligent creatures.

  • I get a lot of looks when I walk the Praire Dogs, Lula Belle and Snuffy with the Mountatin Lion, Cuddles, bringing up the rear. I haven't been able to find a leash for the tarantula yet. Any suggestions? The Merrcat, Bessie Mae, is too embarassed to be seen with us and stays home to keep the tarantula, Yum Yums, company.


  • Wouldn't life be a little bit harder without our furry (or scaley or feathered) friends? - F. Stone (or spikey???)


  • There is absolutely NOTHING cuter than a hedgehog!! - Phoebe :-)


  • A purring kitty is a comforting thing.


  • 'ol dogs are the BEST! I've had mine for 14 years & he still follows me around like a love sick puppy!


  • Have 3 dogs and 3 cats and they make life worth living :)


  • I like the yellow and black look of bumblebees. I especially like to see them on a Fall morning sitting on a flower in a stupor. They couldn't even make it back home last night. They remind me of me. gr


  • Dogs drool. Cats rule!


  • I think lizards are really cool-Amy/ST


  • I've had lizards, Lovebirds, fish, and cats. I like cats best though and have 2 at present. However I had 2 rather special iguanas and miss both of them very much.


  • My life-long favorite is the Koala, but lately I'm also into giraffes and, ever since I saw one near my home, I've been a little obsessed with owls. -Beth


  • There is no way that I could choose b/w my cat and my 2 dogs. They are all my sweet, sweet boys, and each have special qualities that I love about them. It's like choosing a favorite child, impossible!


  • Of all cat breeds my favorite is the manx - a perfect companion


*It has been said that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. Well all I can say is that my two favorite dogs---my Cocker Spaniel (EMMY) and my Pekingnese(ACIE) are there, as well as in my heart- Leftee

  • I believe calico cats are wonderful creatures


  • I have to vote for stuffed ones right now, because I don't feel that I am home enough to care for an animal. However, in my retirement I will have a small dog of some kind. Right now my favorite breed is the West Highland Terrier - Westie. readlotsofbooks


*I believe that if the good Lord truly wants us to be happy in heaven our dogs will be waiting for us at the pearly gates. They may no longer "belong to us" but they will remember us and welcome us home. In memory of Irish and Maggie, my good mutts. Ann/ML


  • Orange cats make the best friends. Retiredt-l


  • I have a husky/golden retriever mix, big and fluffy with blue eyes! She thinks she is a lap dog though. - Robin


  • One of my favorite animals is the turtle. I like to collect turtle objects and books about turtles. Of course, I bought my son a few turtle toys and he actually likes them, too. I also like how turtle are often featured in folklore as wise and/or crafty creatures that prevail over larger (sometimes less intelligent) animals. Kind of like the brains over brawn saying. -Jeanenne


I am in love with butterflies. Butterflies symbolize happiness, beauty and freedom as well as the transformation of the soul. -Surya




*Cats are great - all purpose - gets rid of rodents and lowers blood pressure at one sitting. A calico bobtail makes the perfect addition to any family. -Laura


Butterflies are so cute. I love to watch them flutter and stop and fly! -Indira


Cat are the best kind of pets. My one cat has helped me through some very rough times, though she can be annoying too. She loves to sit on my chest while I'm reading and put her nose right againist my cheek and give me a massage. This is fine sometimes but makes reading really hard. -Lori


  • OK, cats are wonderful, but KORATS are the best - how can you resist - here's a cute one - I have two and can't imagine life without them....these days they sit on the heat registers and in the morning when you pick them up, they make great face warmers!! Cindy


Cats Rule - and always will. Purple Librarian


If you love cats go to www.icanhascheezburger.com (worth it, I promise!)


Pigs are the most wonderful pets. Oink!


  • Don't you love pugs! - Mason * Awe, I have a pug also, I adopted her 8 years ago. She is loving and caring! She is also very lazy! I had to put her on a diet two years ago and I should have joined her too! Her name is Ouchie and she is now 12 years old. She gives me everlasting love. I know some day she will go to the yard in the big sky and I don't look forward to that day. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and can be very expensive. I have spent a ton of money on her through the years and I know other people would have put her down or gave her back to the place where I picked her up at the animal shelter. She had heart worms when I adopted her and that cost $250 and last year I spent over $500 in dental work alone. I need work in my mouth too. But Ouchie got hers before I did. That's what parents do. So I guess I"m her mommy! Kathleen


  • I have a deal with my children, as soon as they make a dog that bathes itself, walks itself and buries it's own shit, we will get a dog. Until then.. we are a cat household.


*Lemurs are great. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemur

They have leathery hands and feel like a stuffed toy - that kind of not quite soft, fake fur feel. They love to eat bananas, but best of all are egg yolks. I got to feed some at the local Zoo and have been a fan ever since.

  • Cats are great too - a purring cat on your lap is comforting and warm and soothing. Not so great on a hot day though!


Dogs rule!


Black Labs Rule



  • It cows for me those big eyelashs on gentle jersey cows. Happy childhood memories of poddy calves and curly haired foreheads on hereford bulls.
  • Staffies are so cute. I have double trouble
  • I now have a beautiful new grand dog. A 9 week old Brittany spaniel. We went to a breeder and even met the parents.
  • Siamese cats make the best pets. :)


  • It's dogs and cats for me - Proudwoman
  • Platypus are mysterious wonderful creatures. They move so fluidly throught the water and are such a mixture of weird and wonderful body parts! Duck bill, webbed feed and yet they suckle their young. I am lucky enough to live where they are in the wild...bit I have never seen them there. I don't know how many dawns I have spent waiting by the side of rivers for them to go about their business. Still love them anyway.




The echidna is my shamanic totem and companion animal. They invariably seek me out when I have a problem to work through, and remind me that a solution is always around the corner if I search with focus. Their spines show me the difference between aggression and assertiveness, shunning assistance and not needing support, being unapproachable and knowing when to withdraw in self-protection. As a monotreme and thus a paradoxical creature, echidna teaches me the importance of guarding against full disclosure.




. My cairn terrier Harley is just beautiful and he helps me do one of my favourite activities walking!


Cats are THE BEST!!

Truman Peabody


This is little Yoki when he was a few months old and hadn't grown into his ears yet.


Donkeys are wonderful pets! You haven't lived until you've experienced donkey love. Donkeys will rub up against you like a cat, but donkeys are much bigger, so you have to be careful or donkey love will knock you down!


1.jpg" width="1280" border="0" />


People say that cats are unsociable, unloving individuals, incapable of showing affection to anything apart from themselves!! These are my two Australian mist boys Finn and Pilchy and they extremely friendly and affectionate. Love each other and snuggling up in my lap while I am reading or watching TV. But warning. Behind the cute facade they have moments of pure evil.



Love my cats too! Sometimes they are unsociable and not especially affectionate - but then so are people so why should we expect more of our pets. I have never bonded with any pets besides cats - I never had anything else growing up - but I would be willing to get a black labrador!









Hi here's my favourite pussy cats George and Connie a brother and sister they are a naughty pair but we love them.





My cat, Alistair. He's getting on a bit now, but so sweet with it.




My favorite animal is the Shetland Sheepdog. I had a Sheltie named Prince for over 17 years...we grew up together and he was my best friend. I still miss him and am so glad my dad finally said "yes" when I asked (for the millionth time) if we could get a dog. :)


My favorite critters are cats. My first cat was a childhood friend, Mittens. I can still remember dressing her up in doll clothes, parking her in my baby buggy and parading around my neighborhood with my "baby" (until she got fed up with me and bolted!) My girls now are Ginger & Snap, selected from the humane society as kittens, and such faithful, caring animals they are. My hubby has dementia, and you'd think they were his caregivers... What a blessing they are.



Mr. Blue: The only good boy.


Cougars (the Washington State kind)


SLOW LORISES! They're fuzzy & slow & cuddly & poisonous. What more could anyone want?


Manatees! They have no natural enemies and love to eat.What a life?


I must give credit for this picture to davierae from Flickr



Hey, my cat's name is "Puss" too! He's orange, aloof, and unaccessible. But, I still love him. He has feet like a rabbit. I keep expecting him to hop away. Alas, my cat-personness is about to be challenged. NOt only am I the only female in the house, I am also the only cat lover. My kids like Puss but they really want a dog. So, if I can find one with the loveability of Marley but the trained-ness of Lassie I may give in. Looks like I'm okay for now! [http://escapeart-becky.blogspot.com]

Comments (14)

Anonymous said

at 12:22 pm on Sep 23, 2006

Everyone needs to experience a hedgehog once in their life. More userfriendly than you would imagine.

Anonymous said

at 10:44 pm on Apr 7, 2007

I totally agree!! They are one of the most fascinating pets that anyone could ever own!

Anonymous said

at 4:25 pm on Jul 19, 2007

Borzoi Rule!

Anonymous said

at 3:19 am on Aug 2, 2007

Hola, well it's me of course, the Negro Gato Carlos.

Anonymous said

at 9:17 pm on Oct 23, 2007

I love cats. I used to have cats and dogs, but I found that I'm a cat lover.

Anonymous said

at 11:58 pm on Oct 27, 2007

I love animals of all kinds,a I am looking after my daughters pets while she is overseas, but I have't had much luck. She had 14 neon fish when she left and there is only 4 left. They have just diappeared, though one of the goldfish is looking much fatter!

Anonymous said

at 9:52 am on Oct 31, 2007

I love my family's dog, Gus. He's part kelpie, shepherd and chow. His best feature is his lovely soulful eyes and gorgous colour.

Anonymous said

at 12:50 am on Nov 7, 2007

I had two cats until recently, one was 19 yrs and the other is 18yrs old.

Anonymous said

at 11:38 pm on Nov 8, 2007

I absolutely love Tigers they are so majestic and powerful. Have you seen the size of their paws. Would not like to be become their prey. I"m saddened by their demise and hope that they never become extinct

Anonymous said

at 12:55 am on Nov 9, 2007

Does this mean I am a member of the cat lovers fraternity even though it is a big cat

Anonymous said

at 7:05 am on Nov 16, 2007

I love all animals too and I regularly donate to the RSPCA. My favourite animals would have to be the Big Cats (have you ever watched big cat diary on foxtel? awesome). I especially love Lions (because I'm a Leo - thats such a leo comment to say :-o ) and I love Tigers too. My favourite pet though would have to be the Stafforshire Bull Terrier. They are the most enjoyable, cute and cuddly friends you could ever have. I was devastated when my dog Harley died, but he'll always be in my heart.

Anonymous said

at 12:15 am on Dec 24, 2007

Dogs command affection, cats command attention, horses command respect

PJ said

at 1:23 am on Feb 1, 2010

Ever since I read Corbett's Maneaters of Kumaon, I have been a fan of the tiger, whom Corbett described as "a large-hearted gentleman with boundless courage". Corbett saw the writing on the wall for the tiger way back in 1930s, when he turned from shooting tigers with a gun to shooting them with a camera. All my dogs have been my favorite animals. Currently Ellie from Fiji and her new mate , 7 month old Jack Tar, who recently came to take up the large hole created when Sailor left us.

Helen said

at 7:43 pm on Jun 15, 2010

My favourite animals are cats, I think you either love them or hate them. I had a cat with a wonderful personality as a child. He went to work with my parents every day. After he had terrorised mice in the wharehouse, he greeted customers at the door. In the afternoons he chose a nice comfy in- basket on someone's desk to sleep in. On the weekends he came camping and tried to catch fish out of rock pools. There was nothing that he didn't want to be part of.

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