Favorite Animals


I adore my cat, but she's a mysterious little thing. She has yet to reveal to me what her real name is and we've been living together for almost 3 years! She was a stray so perhaps is trying to escape the memories of her life on the streets. Anyway, she responds to 'Puss' when the mood strikes her and we've decided to settle with that!








Hi my favorite animal is the.....

You are going to have to click to my blog to find out




They are wonderful dogs. They are family dogs and they don't bark too much. It's one thing they can be stubborn. The ones below are not the ones.



1.jpg" width="200" border="0" />Favorite Animal

This is Goldy my fish pet, he or she (I don't know his or her gender), has been my best friend for more than a year, Goldy is a peaceful animal who just bring beauty and quiet company to me. - Abcd123...



I thought it would be fun to share our favorite animals, too! I'm sure we'll have a fair number of visitors choosing dogs and cats, so I'd like to set this up as a counter. Just add to the number beside your animal of choice, or list a new one! - F. Stone


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  • Goats 3
  • Butterflies: 4
  • HorsesGreen Anoles: 4,846,254,586,458,845,856 1
  • Dogs: 2,000,018 (including Kintaro the virtual dog!)
  • Cats: 3,000,000,023 (because cat's know how to cheat)
  • Guinea pigs: 4
  • Hedgehog: 3
  • Bumblebees: 1
  • Ducks: 3
  • Lovebirds: 3
  • Iguanas: 3
  • Ferrets: 1
  • Bigfoot: 1
  • Squirrels: 1
  • Giraffe: 3
  • Stuffed Ones: 2
  • Poodles (they are more than the average dog) 1
  • Prairie Dogs 6 (they work better in pairs)
  • Merrcat 1
  • Mountain lion (Roar)1
  • Tarantula 1
  • Koalas 1
  • Platypus 1
  • Panda Bear 2
  • Pigs 2
  • Rats 1
  • Lemurs 1
  • Cows 3
  • Poodles (they are not dogs) 1
  • Echidnas 2
  • Owls 1

Bears 1


  • Tiger: 2
  • Frogs 1

Florida Panther

  • Donkeys 1
  • Penguins 1
  • Puffin
  • Dolphin




Nobody beats man's best friend. I have recently discovered that there are actually cats out there though, who are loving and affectionate. They are just so self sufficient; whereas dogs need you...all the time!! I'm trying to be more understanding of those cats out there.


I love my two cats Woolly and Oliver! All Ginger cats are naughty and my little Oliver is proof of this!!





I love horses. They are really intelligent creatures.














*It has been said that ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. Well all I can say is that my two favorite dogs---my Cocker Spaniel (EMMY) and my Pekingnese(ACIE) are there, as well as in my heart- Leftee



*I believe that if the good Lord truly wants us to be happy in heaven our dogs will be waiting for us at the pearly gates. They may no longer "belong to us" but they will remember us and welcome us home. In memory of Irish and Maggie, my good mutts. Ann/ML





I am in love with butterflies. Butterflies symbolize happiness, beauty and freedom as well as the transformation of the soul. -Surya




*Cats are great - all purpose - gets rid of rodents and lowers blood pressure at one sitting. A calico bobtail makes the perfect addition to any family. -Laura


Butterflies are so cute. I love to watch them flutter and stop and fly! -Indira


Cat are the best kind of pets. My one cat has helped me through some very rough times, though she can be annoying too. She loves to sit on my chest while I'm reading and put her nose right againist my cheek and give me a massage. This is fine sometimes but makes reading really hard. -Lori



Cats Rule - and always will. Purple Librarian


If you love cats go to www.icanhascheezburger.com (worth it, I promise!)


Pigs are the most wonderful pets. Oink!




*Lemurs are great. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemur

They have leathery hands and feel like a stuffed toy - that kind of not quite soft, fake fur feel. They love to eat bananas, but best of all are egg yolks. I got to feed some at the local Zoo and have been a fan ever since.


Dogs rule!


Black Labs Rule







The echidna is my shamanic totem and companion animal. They invariably seek me out when I have a problem to work through, and remind me that a solution is always around the corner if I search with focus. Their spines show me the difference between aggression and assertiveness, shunning assistance and not needing support, being unapproachable and knowing when to withdraw in self-protection. As a monotreme and thus a paradoxical creature, echidna teaches me the importance of guarding against full disclosure.




. My cairn terrier Harley is just beautiful and he helps me do one of my favourite activities walking!


Cats are THE BEST!!

Truman Peabody


This is little Yoki when he was a few months old and hadn't grown into his ears yet.


Donkeys are wonderful pets! You haven't lived until you've experienced donkey love. Donkeys will rub up against you like a cat, but donkeys are much bigger, so you have to be careful or donkey love will knock you down!


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People say that cats are unsociable, unloving individuals, incapable of showing affection to anything apart from themselves!! These are my two Australian mist boys Finn and Pilchy and they extremely friendly and affectionate. Love each other and snuggling up in my lap while I am reading or watching TV. But warning. Behind the cute facade they have moments of pure evil.



Love my cats too! Sometimes they are unsociable and not especially affectionate - but then so are people so why should we expect more of our pets. I have never bonded with any pets besides cats - I never had anything else growing up - but I would be willing to get a black labrador!









Hi here's my favourite pussy cats George and Connie a brother and sister they are a naughty pair but we love them.





My cat, Alistair. He's getting on a bit now, but so sweet with it.




My favorite animal is the Shetland Sheepdog. I had a Sheltie named Prince for over 17 years...we grew up together and he was my best friend. I still miss him and am so glad my dad finally said "yes" when I asked (for the millionth time) if we could get a dog. :)


My favorite critters are cats. My first cat was a childhood friend, Mittens. I can still remember dressing her up in doll clothes, parking her in my baby buggy and parading around my neighborhood with my "baby" (until she got fed up with me and bolted!) My girls now are Ginger & Snap, selected from the humane society as kittens, and such faithful, caring animals they are. My hubby has dementia, and you'd think they were his caregivers... What a blessing they are.



Mr. Blue: The only good boy.


Cougars (the Washington State kind)


SLOW LORISES! They're fuzzy & slow & cuddly & poisonous. What more could anyone want?


Manatees! They have no natural enemies and love to eat.What a life?


I must give credit for this picture to davierae from Flickr



Hey, my cat's name is "Puss" too! He's orange, aloof, and unaccessible. But, I still love him. He has feet like a rabbit. I keep expecting him to hop away. Alas, my cat-personness is about to be challenged. NOt only am I the only female in the house, I am also the only cat lover. My kids like Puss but they really want a dog. So, if I can find one with the loveability of Marley but the trained-ness of Lassie I may give in. Looks like I'm okay for now! [http://escapeart-becky.blogspot.com]