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Favorite Birds

Page history last edited by Gwen LaCosse 11 years, 4 months ago

 I just added this new page for favorite birds.  My favorite bird is the Eastern bluebird.  I have a pair nesting in a box on my property in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.  They bring me much joy.  Here is a mosaic of bluebirds that I made when learning about Flickr tools.  -- Pomfretgirl




My favourite bird is the Australian galah. They have real character and make great pets. Although, I don't believe in caging birds, Elmo came to me after being found with a broken wing. I have nursed him back to health and since he can't fly I have kept him. He's a good talker and loves tickles. I call him Elmo. --littlelibrarygal




The Hoopoe ... a new favorite


For a long time, my favorite bird has been the Cedar Waxwing.  I love its sleek feathers and bandit mask and great punk hairdo. 


A trip to Egypt (!) in May 2008, changed all of that.  Move over Cedar Waxwing ... My new favorite is the Hoopoe. 


The Hoopoe is common in the Middle East and its range extends from southern Europe and Africa to southeastern Asia. It is about 11 inches long and the most striking feature is the hairdo. When its crest is down, the Hoopoe's head looks something like a hammer or a pharaoh's crown (is that where the Egyptians got the idea?).  When it's crest is up, you see the long, black-tipped feathers. Way cool.


We spotted our first Hoopoe on the way to Alexandria, then saw several more in Alexandria on the palace grounds of the former king. When we went back to Cairo, we visited a lovely park within walking distance of our hotel and watched several Hoopoes feeding and doing other Hoopoe things. They seemed to lift their crests whenever they flew or landed or if they were startled.


Of course, I still love the Cedar Waxwing.  Maybe what I really need to do is start a "Favorite Bird by Continent" list.   ;-)








Visit me at Library 2.0 at BSC .


P.S.  If you ever get the chance to visit Egypt and Alexandria, the new Library at Alexandria is a must-see.  It is FABULOUS!

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Anonymous said

at 6:26 pm on Sep 5, 2008

I am a birder, too. Your Eastern Bluebird mosaic is way cool.

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