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Favorite Moments

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago

Favorite Moments are brief points in time when factors converge in your personal universe to create a particularly powerful memory for you.



  • Citizen of the World Memory: My favorite travel memory is sitting alone on my miniscule hotel balcony in Paris (which happened to be in a residential area), wearing a snuggly sweater in brisk fall weather, reading, while stealing glances at the locals picking up their children from school on the street just below, going about their daily lives. I imagined that I belonged in the scene, like a character "gone abroad" in the classic novel I was reading.


  • Continuity of Civilization Memory: As I gazed speechlessly upon the colors of the paintings in Abu Simbel, I was struck by the fact that humans had painted these in the 13th century BC, rediscovered them in the 1800s, and stood with me admiring them in the 20th century. I never before felt so much like a single point in a seemingly infinite line of civilization.


  • "So that's why people have kids" Memory: This memory is an anaesthetically induced swirl of blue and white -- Blue sheet hanging in front of my face, my husband in blue scrubs wearing blue framed glasses, and our beautiful firstborn daughter wiggling further into his arms in her white and blue striped blanket moments after her birth. Beams of bright light matching the white hospital lights above me practically shot from my husband's ecstatic face as our daughter looked curiously up at him. Pure bliss.

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