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Favorite Movie

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 7 months ago

My favorite movie? Singing in the Rain, of course!! Who could resist Gene Kelly?



The Egg and I







The movie Young Frankenstein came out in 1974 when I was a college student at the University of Montana in Missoula. I went to it three times the first week it was playing! Each time, I saw something new and got more of the jokes. So many sight gags! Among the writers, cast, and crew were Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Peter Boyle, and Gene Hackman ... what a talented and funny bunch!


I even bought the soundtrack album (yes, back in the days of vinyl!). How many other people in America can say they have the Young Frankenstein album? It is fun to listen to when you need a good laugh.


Since my college days, I have seen Young Frankenstein on tv a few times, but nothing really compares to the big screen experience. I am a member of our local film society, Cinema 100, and each time we went through the process of selecting films for the season, I would make a pitch for Young Frankenstein. Finally, we brought it in. What a treat! It was fun to sit in the dark and hear others laughing at the same bits I found so amusing. I am pleased to say, that Young Frankenstein turned out to be one of the audience favorites tht year.


If you haven't seen this film yet, do!


-- Marlene at Learning 2.0 at BSC


Favorite Movie


So many to choose from! Kill Bill parts 1 & 2. Anything (just about) that Russell Crowe has been in - Gladiator, Master & Commander, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind, 3.10 to Uma. The man is a genius.


I just saw the Great Debaters starring denzel Washington and I loved it! Take everyone in your family to see thsi movie. It is very inspiring! To find out more, go to







My favorite movie is Stand by Me. It is really a coming of age story about four friends who set off on an adventure to find the dead body of a kid, but along the way the journey transforms into something much larger. The movie is based on a short story by Steven King (sorry Horror fans -- this one isn't scary) as he recalls some of his own childhood memories. My favorite sceen in the movie has to be when the four companinions are crossing over a railroad bridge and wouldn't you know it the railroad turns the corner and almost runs them down! It is a classic and a must see. dh


My favorite movie? That is hard. I don't have just one. The list would include Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, All that Jazz, Lord of the Rings, any of the Harry Potter movies, Still Breathing, and any of the Marx Brothers movies ("There is no sanity clause."). -- Jairia.



I wish everyday could be Groundhog Day! It could be cause it's my birthday too! -- "Go JJ Go"



My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. Need I say more??? -Grace



Ah yes Princess Bride is the all-time favourite, but Fifth Element, and Green Card were also most entertaining. - Heatherhill-Noelle



Love Actually, Moulin Rouge, Ever After. My three fall backs when nothing else is on. Can watch them over and over (even watched Moulin Rouge 3 times in one day (just couldn't be bothered getting up to change DVD)). Jenny P.S. Hey Kids, Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free.


I loved Ladyhawke! Have had a crush on Pfeiffer ever since, she's beautiful. But Rutger Hauer was great too, and he was in Bladrunner, so he's got good form. I love the Capra films, they are just so good. (And Xmas wouldn't be Xmas if you didn't watch "It's a wonderful life" - actually do the double with "Love actually".)

  • It's a wonderful life
  • Mr Smith goes to Washington
  • Meet John Doe

30's - "For whom the bell tolls"

40's - "Casablanca" - outstanding

Love the Hitchcock's films "Vertigo" and "Rear window" - Jimmy Stewart was a hero to me. "PSYCHO" scared the hell out of me.

The Duke - Loved "The searchers' and "The quiet man".

60's - "To sir with love", "In the heat of the night", "Lilies of the field", "Bullitt" - obviously, "The great escape", Butch Cassidy...", "The graduate" - Anne Bancroft - Yowsah!!, "The heart is a lonely hunter" - book and movie, "To kill a mockingbird" - Book and film,

70's - "All the president's men" - book and movie, "The french connection", "Apocalypse now", "The Godfather I & II", "The excorcist" - Book and movie, "Annie Hall" - masterpiece!, "Rocky"

80's - "Zelig", "The terminator", "Ferris Bueller", "Stand by me", "Breakfast club", "Ghostbusters", "The Princess bride", "Uncle Buck", "Back to the future", "Batman"

90's - "Terminator series", "LA Confidential", "The Shawshank redemption" - masterpiece!, "Saving Private Ryan", "Tha Matrix" - outstanding, "Fargo", "Reservoir dogs", "Pulp fiction", Magnolia" - outstanding, "Analyse this", "The sixth sense" - outstanding.

Naughties - "Eternal sunshine of the spoptless mind" - MASTERPIECE!!, "Punch drunk love", "War of the world's", "Minority report" - outstanding, "Lord of the rings" -outstanding, "Unbreakable" - outstanding, "Signs" - outstanding, "Finding Nemo" - masterpiece, ditto The Incredibles".

Probably dozens more! Cheers Enzo



My fave. classic fantasy movie is Ladyhawke. 1985 but still holds up with an ethereal Michelle Pfeiffer and a suitably strong chinned Rutger Hauer as the tragic medieval lovers cursed to meet briefly in human guise at sunrise and sunset with the lovely Isabeau as a hawk and Navarro as a wolf for the rest of the 24. The ache of their unfulfilled love fairly drips off the screen.It takes a young Matthew Broderick as a petty thief "the mouse" & Ian McKern as a disgraced monk to foil the scheme of the evil Bishop to part the lovers forever. Such tragedy, romance, pain. Director Rick Donne and story Edward Khmara.



Raloki - My favourite Movie would have to be....I have too many! It would have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially the soundtracks. I also love the the Harry Potter series. You know what was funny though? Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler.... now that was a laugh a minute and a good movie for the teens.



The Classic of all time Blade Runner. Can't wait for the new DVD release Blade Runner Final Cut, with extras. Come on .. admit it .. a masterpiece.


Anne - I'm a lover of old movies - favourite musical - "Singing in the Rain" Favourite dramas - too many to mention but "Double Indemnity" with Barbara Stanwyck comes to mind & usually anything starring Bette Davis.



A movie for all the family is "The Princess Bride" as the blurb says "A story that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone". This movie has it all - true love, sword fights, killer rats, an evil prince and much more (also a little bit of kissing).


My favorite movie is Baz Lurhman's Romeo + Juliet, with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. This is the most exciting and exhilarating movie I have ever seen. It feels as though you are holding your breath the whole way through it.


My favorite movie of all time is Anne of Green Gables - the one with Canadian actress Meegan Follows. I saw the movie when I was in middle school and have yet to find a better movie. It's funny, endearing, sad, classic. It's just great. If you have not seen it, you should. It truely takes you to another time and place. -Susan



My all time favorite movie is The English Patient. I don't pull it out to watch, cause it's so intense and I can't repeat the initial experience. For feeling good I watch Lord of the Rings, a good fantasy ride.



Empire of the sun is my ultimate favourite amongst other favourites. It is a film that I have watched more 10 times. And surprisingly, and particuliarly over long intervals of watching it, I understand it differently. I guess it's an inducation that I have changed.

Apart from being a great story, it is a historical film about the Japanese invasion in China during the second world war told through the narrative of a little English boy. The emotions never fail to have it's presence.

Recently I watched a very good movie called 'Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles'. It is very moving and the scenery is beautiful. The theme is about father-son relationship. If you don't mind subtitles, I highly recmommend it. The other one I recommend is the Japanese version of 'Shall We Dance?'. Don't worry, the music is not exotic, rather, it is from the west, such as 'Shall We Dance?' from King and I, and 'Save the Last Dance for Me'. It deals with a serious subject (mid-life crisis) in a funny way. The leading actor and actress plus those in supporting roles are superb. Once again, it has subtitles.


A favourite would have to be one that you can watch over and over until you know it off by heart. You know what the character is going to do next but you are willing them from your armchair not to do that thing thats going to get them into trouble. I cant narrow it down to one but the only movies i need in my collection are 'It's a wonderful life;' 'Sense and Sensability' (Emma Thompsons screen play); 'Bridget Jones Diary;' 'The Mirror has Two Faces;' and 'American Dreamer.' Cheerio, Maryanne.


Barb and Jessie both love the GodFather which illustrates the importance of the family, in more ways than one, and Godfather II which was the last movie that Pacino didn't overact in. I watch them both at least once a year. Chicago and All that Jazz are my favorite musicals because Bob Fosse was the best choreographer ever. Also love the scary movies--Halloween, Alien, Shaun of the Dead

I'm not sure if you add to the top or bottom of a blog so excuse my ignorance (I've added to the top). I wasn't going to add at all but just had to say what a brilliant movie Arsenic and Old Lace is - if you've not seen it, then I recommend it as an oldie, but a goodie!


Ah -- too many favorite movies to choose from (isn't Johnny Depp fun to watch???). But I do love the classic black and white romantic comedies like Arsenic and Old Lace and Bringing Up Baby, both with Cary Grant (the latter with Kate Hepburn talking a million-miles-a-minute!). A favorite color one that always brings smiles (for me) is Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. -Patricia (whose birth was announced on the marquee of a drive-in theatre!)


Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all-time favorites. Audrey Hepburn is at her best as Holly Golightly. Everything from the clothes to the twists in the plot to the theme song, Moon River, is wonderful.


The Goonies a classic childhood epic by Steven Spielberg is one of my unbeatble favourites and also love the action packed True Romance, with screen play by Tarantino.

Used to be Groundhog Day -- but TBS shows that every two days.
My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice with David Rintoul as Mr. Darcy. He was both haughty and driven by his regard for Miss Elizabeth. All of the family characters seemed spot on with my memory of the book. The father was indulgent of his simple wife and his head strong and silly daughters. The mother and the troublesome Lydia and Kitty were such airheads. The production was a witty as the book. I never saw the Lawrence Oliver Mr. Darcy production of 1940. Colin Firth was too wimpy and boring as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 edition and while Keira Knightly was probably my favorite Miss Elizabeth, but Matthew Mac Fadyen was a very poor Mr. Darcy. He had neither pride nor fire. However, I loved him in the MI-5 series.
My second favorite movie is Local Hero. It is a quixotic story of a young man, Mac Macintyre, who has all the material goods, but no close friends or much a life. He is sent to a small Scottish town on the North Sea to talk the locals into selling their village to the large oil drilling company for which he works. He is told that the villagers will be reluctant to sell. In actuality, they are pretending to be reluctant in order to get better price. A man who lives on the beach refuses to sell which upsets everyone. Meanwhile Macintyre is exposed to a completely different lifestyle, and he makes friends. -Carolyn -Gatorgal

Favorite Movie



Some of the very best movies are the old ones. I enjoy surfing around on the weekend and finding an old movie. My favorite are comedies and musicals.


My all time favourite movie is "the colour purple" its a great story that makes you laugh and cry



  • Casablanca


*I like the Quiet Man or any John Wayne movie. It is hard to find "heroes" nowadays. --Storyspinner2



*Click (watched it last night) ~meta


  • I love watching movies. Here is my most recent favorite Crash. ~ life_is_bella


  1. I love Dr. Zhivago and have seen -is- it too many times. This movie, rich in history, with both beautiful, horrific. Costuming is awesome and casting is perfect! I love Omar Sharif. His eyes are fantastic. Each time I watch Dr. Zhivago, I more understand the dangers of socialism. Lena Tompkins


  • I too enjoyed Dr. Zhivago, it was so sentimental and poingant!


  • "This is Spinal Tap" -mockumentaries are probably my favorite genre and this is the grandaddy of them all.


*"The Wiz", what a cast! If you haven't seen it, you must!

  • My favorite movies are Final Destination I & II and Dodgeball the true underdog story.



  • My favorites are oldies like The African Queen & an odd one, Dark at the Top of the Stairs.



  • Some of my favorites are musicals like Grease, The Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Annie. ~Amy


*I'm a sucker for love stories. I think my all-time favorite is The Princess Bride. I also like Willow, The Lion King, Robin hood, and Gone with the Wind. -Emily


  • I enjoyed very much the movie "Frequency" with Jim Caviezel. The Count of Monte Cristo starring the same actor was pretty good. Aura


  • My favorites are the old pulp serials or movies influenced by them such as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. - J. Stubbs


  • Braveheart is my favorite movie. It changed my life. nancynoreen


  • My favorite movies are Jurassic Park, A Knight's Tale, and Hook. ~Carrie



  • Gone with the Wind


  • DR. STRANGELOVE! Peter Sellers at his best!


  • I went to see The Departed last night - another Scorsese masterpiece - Patrice
  • My favorite movies are Firefox with Clint Eastwood and Tombstone with Kurt Russell.
  • Patrice, can we talk?? I just saw The Departed too -- LOVED it!! Like watching the extended dance version of the Sopranos! -melanie pb



*My absolute favorite is Princess Bride. I also love the movie version of Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version that came out in the late 90s. -Erin


  • Currently, my favorite is OCEAN'S 11 . My man George Clooney is absolutely beeutiful in this movie. And the music isn't bad either. / Kirbskorner



  • judging solely by the number of times I saw it in the theatre, I would have to say Serenity. It has humour, drama, pathos, witty dialogue, great characterization and some pretty nifty effects without being ALL about the effects! -FrancesBurney


  • "The Wiz", what a cast! If you haven't seen it, you must! -- MAXIMAL-MAXIM


  • One of my favorite comedy is The Wedding Singer. My favorite drama is Ordinary People. -JRR


****Sound of Music****



****One of my favourites in "The Shawshank Redemption" - and one of my favourite websites is the Internet Movie Database.


  • Lord of the Rings - such an epic and gorgeous scenery
  • I agree, this is my favorite movie too. I could watch it again and again (and I have). Now I just need to find time to reread the books...
  • I agree too, Lord of the Rings trilogy best movie in history. Loved it so much I read the books. Saw the first movie seven times at the cinemas!!
  • Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School - it's a mouthful to say, but I found it a delight to watch.


  • I have too many favorite movies to make a selection. Each movie has a special meaning for me, and I like to watch them when I am in a particular mood. Here goes..... Cars, Love Actually, Any movie with John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Kathryn Hepburn, British movies of the 60's, etc...... Wendy C.


  • A few of my favorite movies are Heavyweights, Garden State, Closer, Zoolander, Hawaii, Oslo, Stand By Me, and almost anything under the Film Movement. - Felicia


There are so mnay to choose from, but I'm currently obsessed with old movies and am madly in love with Cary Grant - so pretty much anything with him in it - particularly Father Goose. I also love the Thin Man series and I want to be Nora Charles! ~ Annette


Depends on my mood, but "




****One of my favorite movies is "The Godfather"-and one of my favorite websites is Boing Boing. manateetwin



My favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables. I first watched it on Public Television back in the 1980's. I liked it then and I still like it now. I like the history, the fashions, and especially the story. Megan Follows did a wonderful job of portraying Anne, I also liked how Colleen Dewhurst and Richard Farnsworth portrayed the legal guardians of Anne. I wish there were more sequels to that story. [http://jenniferc-jenniferc.blogspot.com]

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Anonymous said

at 7:45 pm on Jan 24, 2008

My favourite film of all time is GREASE. It takes me back to my youth...hot cars, great music, fun fun fun,no swearing or violence, plus two gorgeous stars.
Does this makes me seem old?

rr_conner said

at 11:48 pm on Dec 15, 2009

ummm... eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, magnificent obsession, and persuasion

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at 3:25 pm on Feb 10, 2010

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