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Favorite Restaurants

Page history last edited by Kathy Memoli 11 years, 6 months ago

MoVida in Melbourne is just sensational. Have a look at their website http://www.movida.com.au/. Bought their recently published cook book last week, and WOW!!! Not only great recipes, but just a good read as well...

Central Jersey:  In Somerville, try Yutaka  for excellent Japanese food.  You  may opt for a traditional table or the full hibachi experience.  For Italian, try Espo's in Raritan.  Tiny, but they have the best sauce around! 


Favorite Restaurants


Favorite Restaurants:: San Antonio, TX

Guillermo's Deli

El Milagrito


Niki's Tokyo Inn


Pericos in San Antonio

Credo in Olinda. The Ivy in Olinda. Ranges in Olinda. All with fantastic chefs, beautiful surroundings and great staff.


Love Fed up fish cafe point nepean highway west rosebud


The Grange in Warragul is great...go Rowena and Gary. Also, sell gluten free food.


Richmond Heights, OH = La Fiesta has the BEST mexican food!! Plus the best Margaritas, too!


Have a favorite restaurant or place to eat? Add your favorites here ...


Cafe La Bella Italia in Madison Wisconsin


Home...nothing like home cooking with the ones you love


My Chinese restaurant is Sunny Seafood Chinese Restaurant in Hurstville, NSW. My favourite dish is "roast duck coated with yam".


Mojos Tapas Bar - Overlooking Bondi Beach - packed with crowds who enjoy the happening vibe and scrumptious Spanish food while sipping Sangria. My favourite dish - grilled artichoke drizzled in lemon and olive oil which has strong flavours and a great texture.


while sipping Sangria.


My favourite dish - grilled artichoke drizzled in lemon and olive oil which has strong flavours and a great texture.


My favorite Seafood Restaurant that I make reservations every Christmas Eve is the Prawnbroker in Ft. Myers, FL. The freshest seafood and excellent service has been ongoing for over 20 years.


In Hanoverton, OH the Spread Eagle Tavern is a wonderful place! Delicious food and great atmosphere!


Should you find yourself in Darwin, Australia you need to go to the Hanuman Restaurant - delicious Thai food with a hint of India.


EJ'S, a new restaurant in Struthers, OH is now my favorite. Sandwiches, salads, steaks. They have it all and at very reasonable prices and excellent service.


Texas Roadhouse is my favorite too! Great food and a great atmosphere!


Without a doubt Texas Roadhouse is my favorite place to eat. There's also a wonderful breakfast place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that I love to eat it but I can't remember the name of it.


If you are ever in Montrose (East of Melbourne) I can highly recommend The Basil Leaf for excellent Thai Food at reasonable prices. You can't understand a thing the owner says, but the food is ALWAYS fabulous.

  • Thornton River Grille, Sperryville, VA (540-987-9848). A Reuben sandwich worth the trip.


*h ttp://www.boudreaux_s_louisiana_kitchen.html]This is a good cajun restaurant in the city. Check it out! The food is great however the service might be a little slow...its cajun.


  • Starbucks They serve the best lattes. Another great place to get coffee is Dean and Deluca They have a Dean and Deluca over in Philip's Place shopping center and in the Stonecrest Shopping center off of 485.


  • Smelly Cat in charlotte and Ellie's in concord are two very different examples of wonderful independent coffee houses. Smelly Cat makes a mean hot chocolate and has a wonderful atmosphere. Ellie's argentinian pastries are to die for.


  • Appleby's
  • My favorite is an old Charlotte institution. It's been here since 1975. It never advertises because it never has to. It's the Hotel Charlotte on Sharon Amity near the intersection of Sharon Amity and Providence. Wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful service. It's modeled after the old Hotel Charlotte that was once downtown. It's American food with some Cajun and Creole dishes. I first went there 20 years ago when I came to interview for a job and it's been my favorite palce ever since! - Carl


  • I am a huge fan of Japanese Hibachi Steakhouses...but when i want good hibachi for a very low price I hit up Sake Express. The one i go to is in Rock Hill on Cherry Road. It's a little bit of a drive, but it is well worth it.- Megan

Go to Hero At Exit 28 on 77, they have good Japanes food. -Clancy


  • I love ethnic restaurants in Charlotte, try the Waldhorn (german) and the Greek Isles-makes the greek festival seem like "fast food"-Rene


  • Chen's Bistro - great sushi bar and chinese buffet (with kid friendly stuff too!) Located in the University City area - H.Blowers
  • I second the nomination of Chen's Bistro. It has a great chinese buffet. R.Kuehl


  • Lang Van, located on the corner of Shamrock and Eastway, is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Charlotte. - Kim


  • Ben Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant - Some of the original staff from Lang Van are here and do the same cooking style. Since Lang Van is under new management it tastes different to me now. Ben Thanh has that original Lang Van taste. On Central Avenue where the old Mr. Paul's used to be. Near Eastland Mall. - Christie BW



  • The Weathervane This restaurant is in Chapel Hill for all you Tarheel fans (and parents). It's the restaurant part of The Southern Season which is the most amazing shop I think I've ever visited. It's awesome food, reasonably priced and just plain fun. - J. Hanson




  • Bravo! Cucina Italiana Craving great Italian food in the Northlake Mall area? Bravo! is for you. Great chopped salads, melt in your mouth entrees and awesome desserts. Right next to Borders in the mall. - Christie BW


  • Do you have yearning for fried chicken and fried okra? Try Lola's on North Tryon Street on Friday. Very yummy! - Shelia B


  • If you love traditional Maryland crab cakes, which is 99% crab and very little cake, run, don't walk to Pearl in Elizabeth on North Caswell Street or Charleston House on the Plaza, and Cosmos Cafe on North College Street. - Shelia B


  • I found Sushi 101 to be a delicious experience - the eel Rock'n'Roll was sooooo yummy! Once upon a time I imagined eating raw eel would be as exciting as chewing on old tire rubber, but experience has proven me wrong. Eel is amazingly tender and flavorful! - F. Stone


  • Roasting Company on Montford Dr. Rotisserie chicken at its best. I've been going there for over ten years. I love it. Did I spell Rotisserie correctly? Ed M.


  • I second Kim's nomination of Lang Van - wonderful Vietnamese food! Perfect Stranger


  • I'm new in town so I don't know alot of restaurants but I went to The Melting Pot in the University City area a couple of weeks ago. It is a fondue restaurant,that was very fun and nostalgic. Jersey Librarian



  • House of Taipei  - Chinese restaurant - our favorite in Huntersville - we visit weekly! Katssis
  • Braidies Tavern - Strathfieldsaye Victoria - try tooheys old!!!!


  • How about the food at the Yiasou Greek Festival? LJO - I had the gyro...deeeeeeelicious! :D - F. Stone


  • The Hideaway was my favorite restaurant for more than 25 years. Then it closed, and I haven't eaten since. gr


  • The No Name Pub This hard-to-find funky eatery in the lower Florida Keys has the world's best pizza. It's a nice place...if you can find it!


  • Ru San's has the best sushi in town! Jamie



  • I highly recommend Domenico's Italian Restaurant in Matthews. It is owned and run by an Italian family and the food is superb. I eat there about twice a week! Dawn



  • I really love Great Wall which is a chinese restaurant in the Carmel Commons Shopping Center off Highway 51. Sandy (from Carmel) and I eat there everytime we meet for lunch! E.Smith


  • Is this in Charlotte or anywhere? Here I'll list one of my favorite lunch spots, Tik Tok, they are fast, cheap and remarkably good. However my favorite all time restaurant is Karl Ratzsch's  in Milwaukee. To eat there is an experience and the food, service, and atmosphere is heavenly. ~ MKyle


  • Camille's sidewalk cafe My husband and I often eat at the Galleria location for lunch or a light dinner. They serve sandwiches, grilled paninis, wraps, soups, salads, gourmet coffees & desserts. You can order your favorite sandwich in a wrap, salad or 8 inch flat bread pizza. They also offer an all day breakfast menu of specialty wraps. They advertise that you can call ahead on your cell phone and they will bring your order to your car! They also cater. Mary Lou


  • Lola's is "Comfort Food" in uptown Charlotte. Great mac & cheese, wonderful mashed potatoes, meatload, chicken and dressing, cornbread, and huge salads. Reasonable prices around the $6.00-$7.00 range including drink. 8th and N. Tryon, seating inside or outside. ~MCurlee


  • Azteca - in the Windsor Park area - Mexican - There is Live music on Sunday evenings. -Aura


  • Mmmm, I know where I'll be going soon. All of these!! M.Burton soon to be M.Kellar


  • Bombay Cuisine I have eaten my fair share of Indian food in my life, both restaurant and home-cooked. I have also watched the choices in Indian Cuisine in Charlotte skyrocket in recent years. No, I have not tried every place, but I have never had a bad meal at Bombay Cuisine, near UC. The country of India has many cuisines. Bombay Cuisine is more North Indian, I believe, vs. South Indian. The atmosphere there is very Mumbai cosmopolitan. I wouldn't be surprised to know that most of the staff was from Bombay itself. Give it a try.--Lydia Towery



  • Shanghai is located in the Quail Corners Shopping Center, at Park and Sharon Road West. I'm a regular for lunch and enjoy it very much - Buckaroo


  • Rusty's is also located in the Quail Corners Shopping Center. Great burgers and fries. My favorite is the NY Nock hot dog - Buckaroo


yes, Rusty's chicken salad is the best!The owner's son played soccer with my son and they would always bring something special to our getogethers. Mary Lou


  • My favorite spot for Indian food is Bombay Grille  in Pineville. Another favorite is local restaurant Fenwick's , a visit to which my husband and I usually combine with a movie at the Manor. ~ Lesley (aka BiblioChick)


  • LuLu's on Central Avenue gets my vote - great food and clever names for the dishes, like Greens, Eggs & Ham and Pesto Change-o (a different pesto every day!) PE aka DooDa



  • Ethan's Although it closed is was one of my favorites; the creme brulee was exceptional. Bonefish Grill is another great place for crabcakes made with mostly crab. GammyL


I really enjoyed dinner recently at Patou on East Blvd. They have many different types of food and the preparation was wonderful. Great salads, great crabcakes. sciezadlo


  • If you've never been to Portofino's on Eastway (in the Walmart Shopping Center), then you're misisng out on some good Italian food. Of special note, it has some of the best NY style pizza in town. And I MISS good NY style pizza! Julie


  • Crawdaddy's in Jacksonville, Fl. The best Beer Cheese Soup you'll ever taste!


  • I love seafood so when I have a craving for seafood I go to *Showmars* or *Mayflower Seafood*. Their shrimp is GOOD and the fish too. Not to expensive but still good quality meal and they give you plenty. Showmars and Mayflower


The Coffee Cup over by the football stadium is a great piece of Charlotte history and has the kind of Southern food I was raised on. I even like the collard greens, which I never liked as a kid. Don't go there for ambience, great service, or gourmet faire. At lunch time it is usually very busy, and when you leave you will be full and you will smell like fried chicken:) - Chuck


This ethiopian restaurant off of King's Drive has a spectacular vegetarian lunch buffet Tuesdays through Thursday. Choose from a wide selection of healthy, delicious lentil dishes, rice, spicy sauces and exotic side dishes. You are welcome to grab a fork and spoon - though the traditional way to eat is with the Injera. Injera is a pancake-like bread that serves as both a utensil and dinner roll, and is delicious! - Natalie


  • A neighborhood favorite in the Park Road area is / Luisa's Fantastic brick oven pizza. A nice, family atmosphere and great food - Kirby
  • 300 East...yummy food...roasted vegetable pizza with goat cheese...pumpkin soup...creme brulee...filet mignon stuffed with gorgonzola cheese...you must! Great for company.

*Nothing But Noodles in Stonecrest is AWESOME!


The Moon Under Water is St. Pete's is GREAT!!!!



The Mellow Mushroom in NoDa for great pizza and beer!


Olive Garden is great. I love anything italian!


Ditto for Olive Garden but in the DC area for seafood there's nothing better than the Chart House. There's one in Annapolis, MD and in Alexandria, VA. Both overlook the water and in Annapolis you can take the water taxi from the City Dock to the restaurant. Salad Bar's a meal in itself.


I love Renee's Bakery & Cafe in Canfield, Ohio. The chicken salad is the best!


Venice Restaurant in Winchester VA.


The Orchard Restaurant in Frederick.


The danged ole' Mighty Midget in Leesburg is the best BBQ around. Even my bud from Tejas says the ribs are great.




  • Try Simmons in Charlotte (on Graham in Fourth Ward) for some good home cooking and save room for the banana pudding


Love Blue Ridge Grill  in Leesburg, VA. I especially like their Brentwood Salad. The food and service are always good.


  • In Bethlehem, PA, try the Vineyard Restaurant (Italian, best linguine with garlic and oil anywhere) and Cactus Blue (BYOB Mexican, try the tosonita).


Try The Helmand Restaurant in Baltimore, MD. It is an Afghan restaurant with incredible food and authentic atmosphere. Many of the waitpeople are native Afghans with interesting stories. A favorite appetizer is the baked baby pumpkin. For the entree, try Kabuli. http://www.helmand.com/


Jaipur is an Indian resaurant on South Blvd. just past Tyvola intersection. It's in the shopping center with Food Lion. The storefront doesn't look like much but they have a wonderful weekend dinner buffet and a weekday lunch buffet. The menu is great too and you will have plenty for lunch the next day. Try the saag paneer (spinach w/cheese)! We usually go on Sunday nights and it's packed. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful saris that alot of the other diners are wearing.


ELEVEN in Pittsburgh is one of my favorite dining places. Very upscale, but keeps the concept of sustainable agriculture in mind. Wonderful service, lovely atmosphere, and great food, what could be better? For terrific Japanese food, Genji in Columbus, OH is great. Love the Yum Yum sauce. http://infogoddess-itsallaboutme2.blogspot.com/



The last restaurant I ate at was the Grand Ridge Brewery Restaurant at Mirboo North in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. If you haven't driven the Grand Ridge Rd yet, then do and the meals were fantastic. I highly recomment both the drive and the meal.


The Flaming Ice Cube in Boardman, OH is a great place to eat. It specializes in vegan dishes. I highly recommend the Amazing Burger!



The Galley in Morro Bay, California is the best place for seafood on the coast--Great clam chowder and fresh catch--Windows over the water--View--and a great staff! www.galleymorobay.com


I enjoy going to THE EUROPEAN in Spring St., Melbourne-Australia. This is a great little place.


Another fantastic place in Melbourne (for cheap, vego food) is The Veggie Bar on Brunswick Street.


SIRENS in Hobart, Tasmania is an amazing Vegan and Vegetarian place tucked away on Victoria Street. With not much of a big town feel it was quite hard to find a place which I could eat anything on the menu, not just the salad from the 'sides' selections. it was brilliant and the ambiance was enticing as well :)


Eating is one of my favourite occupations, and Melbourne has some great eating places. If you're into Thai food, try Sweet Basil http://www.sweetbasil.com.au/in South Yarra. Quaff http://www.quaff.net.au/ in Toorak provided terrific food and a marvellous atmosphere. For delicious Spanish tapas, head for Lola's in St Kilda, or for more tapas, but with a Middle eastern flavour, try Gas Eatery in South Melbourne.


Wow, where do I start? It all depends on what type of food that I'm looking for. Italian--has to be Angennetta's in Canfield OH. Comfort food or when we are travelling--Cracker Barrel. Just can't beat the chicken and dumplings. If it's Ribs or BBQ--Hickoy Rib in Salem OH. I also like Ben's Restaraunt in Berlin Center OH. I just love eating out and trying new things.==pumpkin parlour


East Brunswick, Victoria, Australia has some wonderful places to eat. If you want to eat dessert first try The Gelo Bar for the best gelato, cakes and coffee. If your taste turns to pizza I Carusi  is great, but you need to book as it is very busy. The best coffee in the Northern suburbs is at A Minor Place, funky, friendly and open for breakfast . And last, but not least, our local pub, The Lomond . Good food, friendly staff and lots of live music! You've missed out on Brown Sugar to say nothing of Zia Teresa's !


If you're in Melbourne, Australia....head straight Richmond where you'll find the fabulous Pearl restaurant....Particularly great because there's a separate vegetarian menu: Innovative cooking (not brown rice and veg!) And on't miss the Persian Fairy Floss!


Still in Melbourne, the inner-city area of Northcote has a superb Mediterranean/North African restaurant called Najla. A real treat to visit - especially after a late afternoon film across the street at the Westgarth Cinema.


For the very best Indian food- Tandoor in Toledo Ohio. Try it when you're in town!


For vegetarians Soul Mama in St Kilda is a great restaurant, it has panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, you choose a plate size and then choose 4 or 5 dishes from a huge selection of hot foods and salads. Excellent desserts and fresh fruit juice combinations.


If you live in Melbourne, Australia (Bayside), try finz http://www.finz.com.au/ (why does add link not work for me???) for some lovely lovely fish. can also recommend bok choy (Brighton) for some excellent quality Chinese (better than the Flower Drum and a helluva lot cheaper) http://bokchoychinesecuisine.com.au/, and purpearl8 in Elwood.



Melbourne's Swanston street has this little GoGo Sushi restaurant. MelN

  • Food is on mini train railway and you get to pick your food off it;
  • And the dishes range from $2.50 to $8.50 depending on the ingredient.


For Chocolate Lovers go to MAX BRENNER for a tantalising and chocolate filled experience! It's not too pricey and provides a variety of indulgent chocolate desserts, from chocolate waffles to souffles, to chocolate pizzas and fondue! They also have a wide variety of chocolate drinks - both hot and cold! The souffle is definitely one of my favourite desserts! The plate is served with a souffle with chocolate sauce drizzled over and across the plate. And once your fork gently digs into the centre of the souffle, you'll find a wonderful surprise as a thick, warm milk and white chocolate oozes out of the centre - absolute heaven! But be sure to have a bottle of water at hand!


MEXICAN- For those who appreciate authentic mexican food, I recommend Los Amigos in Johnston Street, Fitzroy (Melbourne). Try the combination platter for two, yummy! And it washes down very well with a Dos Equis Lager!


My favorites in San Antonio:

Zorba's Greek and Mediterranean restaurant-really good mediterranean food

Godai Sushi and Japanese Food- best sushi joint in town 3 years running

Thai Cafe- best tofu around

Fujiya- authentically San Antonio! Great Japanese food.

Blue Star Brewing Company- the food's okay but the beer is the main attraction.

(Not too sure why Niki's Tokyo Inn is even considered good, but to each his/her own).




Try Bistro Soliel in lovely little Hightstown, NJ. A great little bistro; upscale but simple food, nice atmosphere, good waitstaff. FYI- it's BYO! If you live in town, too, it's a lovely place to walk! -Sharon GR

Comments (5)

Amy Roberts said

at 1:46 pm on Nov 25, 2008

I like Pericos in San Antonio. Great Tex Mex

Dana Guidry said

at 11:33 am on Jul 20, 2009

Pizza Village in Lafayette, LA has the best pizza!!!

Nancy Nichols said

at 9:57 am on Sep 20, 2009

OH MY! So many restaurants and so little time! Legal Seafood in Boston - best clam chowder. BBQ Inn, Houston TX for best fried chicken. Grist Mill in Gruene, TX for best torilla soup, chicken fried chicken w/gravy, and desserts. Burgers are the hardest. Judice Inn in Lafayette, LA is still #1. BBQ Inn in Houston is #2. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries is coming in a close third with In & Out but we don't have In & Out in Houston. If ever there was a site for me, this is it!!

Caroline Burdett said

at 7:02 pm on Sep 20, 2009

I am a BIG Mexican food fan, and I can honestly say that if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be chips and salsa...particularly from Maudie's in Austin, TX.

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