Favorite TV show

The Best tv show of all time is "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Larry David is a genius. You can tell who the real comic brain was behind Seinfeld. If you noticed,

the last two seasons of Seinfeld were not funny. That's because Larry was no longer part of the show.


For any Seinfeld fans who want more, check out CYE.


Here are my favorite 10 episodes...

1. The Group (Larry: Hello, I'm Todd. I had...)

2. The Nanny from Hell (F-H-YOUU)

3. The Christ Nail (Larry on the NannyCAM--an absolutely priceless moment in comedy history--Suzie "What's with all this mincing around?)

4. The Ski Lift (Larry's Yiddish was flawless; "Larry and the Hipsters")

5. The Rat Dog (Nat: "It's a Raaat!!")

6. The Bracelet (Lewis: You look like the Jewish Ratzo Rizzo.)

7. The Pants Tent (Lewis to Larry: "I'm giving you until sundown...)

8. Trick or Treat (Larry: "I won't be intimidated. Not on Halloween." and "Judaism! Where are you?")

9. Krazee Eyez Killah (Larry: "Are you my Caucasian?")

10. The Five Wood (Norm: "Is that a cashew?")




Here's my list going into the 2008 fall season:

The Office

Saving Grace



The Closer

Burn Notice

Greys Anatomy

Ugly Betty

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Dirty Sexy Money

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

West Wing



The Office is just to die for!! :) Liz M.


The Office is amazing, but how about Reno 911--those idiots are just so funny and awkward, you can't help but laugh at their expense!


I'm thoroughly ashamed to say that I have become a reality TV junkie - as long as it has something to do with medical stuff, makeovers, swapping of wives, training of dogs or cleaning of houses (I'm not altogether bad...the thought of Big Brother or Survivor leaves me cold). But a good documentary will still get me in every time. D.


I really enjoy Law and Order SVU for the storylines. I love CSI Las Vegas to see the gradual unfolding of the evidence, even though I know in real life the facilities and capabilities are nothing like that. I was a big fan of Summer Heights High, very clever. Finally Survivor gets me in but only in about the last 4 weeks! - Sue


I'm all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, love Angel love Firefly, planning on loving Dollhouse, just got Veronica Mars, into Grey's Anatomy in a big way (but hate Gizzie) and have reconverted to Lost. -B.


B - Don't know who you are, but you're right on. Buffy rules! Not only that, but Sarah's marriage to Freddie Prince Jr. is a sham, she really is in love with me - I have (photoshoped) wedding pictures to prove our love~Scottythelobo


I've just started watching the new BBC adaption of Jane Eyre which I'm really enjoying. It really captures the gothic elements of Charlotte Bronte's classic story. My all time fave this year has to be the new Doctor Who with David Tennant. I'm waiting breathlessly for the next series. I was also enjoying the spin-off series Torchwood with gorgeous Captain Jack Harkness. Mind you local TV station Channel 10 dumped it after only a few episodes with no warning. Don't you hate that? I'll have to buy myself the series on DVD. I also loved Life on Mars. Brilliant! Made me get out some old episodes of The Sweeney and re-live the 70s. - Minerva


I think that my favourite all time TV shows are The Muppets and Happy Days. I don't watch TV now unless I really make an effort. Sarah

Hi I loved The Muppets as a kid and I'm reliving the experience with my own kids who also think it's great !


Maryanne - not my all time favourite TV show but one that has created many a discussion between myself & hubby is 'Wilfred' on SBS. In fact, it is so enigmatic that i named my blog after it. Anyone who has Austar try to catch 'Entourage'. Great show and Ari has some killer lines.



A new series produced by the BBC - Life on mars. It is about a 2006 detective who is hurt on the job & in a coma. He wakes up in 1973. Thing were done very differently then! No forensics, no dna, no mobile phones etc etc The humour is fantastic. Nothing else like it on TV. Heidi



Would you believe it?? my favourite show is..and always will be -the original 'Get Smart'!!


All time favourite television show would be "Thirtysomething" which hasn't appeared on dvd here in OZ yet, nor in the US either - hopefully it wil come out for Xmas this year and then I won't have to worry about what to ask Santa for.



I love Ugly Betty! It is so smart and slightly on the naughty side. But Betty's dad has got to get a life!




Dancing with the Stars - is must see TV for me. I am really hooked on it. I took ballroom dancing lessons for ten years and loved every minute of it. The current season has really had some surprises, but I love it and can't wait to see who ends out on top.


The Librarians

The Librarians, which screens on ABC from Wednesday 31 October is sure to become my favourite TV show. I expect librarians everywhere will recognize themselves and their customers in the characters.


Also, it's coming on right after House, which is my current fave. I also love So You Think you can Dance, Friends, Medium, Cold Case, Spooks.


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My favorite TV shows are: "The Unit", comedy "Girl Friends" and

CSI on Thursday nights. I sometimes watch Law & Order Victims

Unit. I can't wait for the new episodes of the Unit. This is a

great military intelligence unit of military men and their wives.

The best military show on tv.


Grey's Anatomy hands down is my favorite. Storylines keep you guessing and I can't wait until Season 3 starts!



"So You Think You Can Dance" is my favorite summer TV - actually the only one I watch in the summer. Well - that's not entirely true. I watched Season 1 of "Big Love" on DVD as well as Season 1 and 2 of "Weeds". My all-time favorite show is "The Amazing Race", but I also still watch "Survivor" faithfully. Shows on my regular watching list last fall/winter were: "Desperate Housewives", "Grey's Anatomy", "Brothers and Sisters" and "The Sopranos". Even though it sounds like I watch a lot of TV - I really don't think I do - I'm just very selective about what I watch.



"House" is the best. A show I actually hate to miss.



6ft Under is my all time favorite tv show is has the best script ever. Season 5 the last episode is superb!!!

Favorite TV Show

The Amazing Race is also 1 of my fav shows, we have gone back a season here in Australia to Season 8 (the family series). I know this was a flop in the US and they are a whingeing alot, but its better than none in the off rating period....roll on season 10 in the New year.

Also, I cant wait for the new season of Greys Anatomy to air. I cried when Denny died,(poor Izzie), and got such a shock when Burke was shot. As for Meredith, will she or wont she?? What a cliffhanger!! (Sheena)





- can we ditto a show? If so, I ditto The Office.

I too say The Office! all other shows are lame. (E. Cartman, 8)


The office is one of mine too. Those glances into the camera by Jim just crack me up!!









I Love LOST and its wiki, I vist every Thurs. BAM


We are LOST fanatics. Using the pause and slow play features on our tivo has really made a difference in catching some of those hidden messages in the show!!




Grey's AnatomyTHIS is THE BEST show. I kinda hate they changed nights, but its o.k. cause I'm gonna be right their where ever it moves to. I also am a big fan of CSI-Miami, The Unit on Tues. at 9 and I am still faithful to ER. BAM-BAM















Survivor, Boston Legal, Brother's and Sister's are my most watched shows - Nine isn't too bad either. I really miss HGTV. bunny66








We used to have a (TV) diet of The Simpsons followed by Malcolm in the Middle and then Futurama. We got hooked, then obsessed, then went crazy. Also enjoy home-grown (i.e. British) comedy but never really understood the fuss over stuff like The Office - too cringe-worthy.

From a UK librarian.



show. GF.



***Desperate Housewives is my ultimate favorite. Arrested Development was great while it lasted. I own the first season and will eventually buy the other two. Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh, my, what a pick-me-up after a bad day, or anytime I need to laugh. I can't abandon this list without mentioning The Wild, Wild West, Leave It to Beaver, The Flintstones, Shell's Wonderful Worldof Golf, Get Smart, The Bob Newhart Show, The Fugitive, Emergency!, and Dragnet. I'm so happy most of these have made it to DVD! MY FAVORITIES TV SHOWS by newblog51 - Australia



Scrubs, The Office, Medium.




My favourite shows at the moment are Lost and 24. Love the Lost wiki!


My favorite TV show ever is


Weeds if Mary Kate Olsen doesn't ruin the new season, and Flight of the Conchords -Jennifer




US - Boston Legal, 24, Amazing Race, West Wing, Heroes

Australian - Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, City Homicide, Dancing with the stars

UK - The Bill, Midsommers Murders, Michael Parkinson, Wire in the blood

Foreign - Inspector Rex


The person above has good taste! Would add Summer Heights High as my favourite of the moment. How accurate are Chris Lilley's characters!!!


My favourite TV show was The West Wing....for an aussie I guess that's wierd, but having spent 5 yrs in the states I watched that show with such longing....and not just for Donna and Josh to get together..!! I was so impressed that the ABC took it on.... I also love Spiks and Specks; and my children love Playschool and Piggly Wig - Toria



I love The West Wing too though I was worried when Aaron Sorkin left and didn't watch the last three seasons for three years. I still think season five is a bit soap opera-ish but seasons six and seven were redeemed by Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda. I just wish they hadn't mucked around with Toby's character. I also love NCIS. I wonder if Mark Harmon got the role because he did such a great job playing the secret service agent in The West Wing? My children have outgrown Playschool unfortunately and instead watch dreadful sitcoms on Disney channel that I make them turn off when I'm in there cooking tea.


I really got into BIG LOVE while it was on SBS. So hanging out for the second series. Also the very graffic oz. This show was seriously nuts!!!- catwoman



I'm a Lostie too! Absolutely love it to bits - even though it frustrates the beegeebeez out of me! And I'm very thankful to not be working Weds nights anymore, so I can spend it with Gregory House. Perhaps it's Lupus? - Karmel


I was a Crossing Jordan fan. I love that show. I watch CSI on Thurs nights. I have been watching reruns of CSI Miami and CSI New York. I'm liking them a lot. The one show that I will watch every week is 24. I love Jack (Keifer Sutherland). I'm amazed at how much they can pack into a day. I'm also enjoying dancing with the starts. Last year was my first year to watch. This year has proven to be just as interesting. We are also big OHIO State Football fans and watch thier games every Saturday.


I love spicks and specks, a good dose of fun & trivia. Also agree that the Librarians maybe compulsive viewing. I wonder if we will recognise any traits!



webgurl's faves


Well to start with there's Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis, they're both brilliant). Love CSI (only the original, I wish we weren't so far behind). Then there's Gilmore Girls and Mythbusters and Air Crash Investigation and LOCI (gotta love Goren)as well as The Amazing Race and Survivor. Have I missed any? Probably :-)

Cheers, webgurl, Australia



I thoroughly enjoyed Summer Heights High and thought it was a pretty successful follow up to We Can Be Heroes. I'm enjoying The Librarians, but I don't think it's quite lived up to the hype. I'm also loving Rain Shadow. I'm not so enamoured of City Homicide, but it's great to see a much needed injection of Aussie content. Just finished series one of Love My Way. Very polished show. Fantastic script, characters and actors. The last few episodes were pretty intense.


I'm slowly but surely making my way through Buffy and Angel - well worth the effort! I was excited to find that a new series of Shameless has begun on SBS. All the HBO shows seem to be guaranteed quality viewing - Oz, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, The Sopranos and Big Love.West Wing - especially the first 3 seasons. Closely followed by Northern Exposure and I can't go past The Vicar ofDibley! I thought that The Librarians was quite brutal and I agree that it didn't really live up to the hype - imho! Have just watched the entire first season of Big Love and thought that it was outstanding - who would have thought that a drama series about polygamy would be so interesting. Have also just discovered BBC's Coupling** which is a laugh a minute!



My favourite show of all time has to be

Cheers - frangipani04


Some of my alltime favourite tv programs are CSI, Blackadder, Dr Who (kids and hubby got me addicted), Dancing with the stars and I loved Johnathon Creek, a BBC production that aired a few years ago. Oh, and any news programs as I am a real news junkie! - Jobeaz, Australia


I have several favorites right now. I love Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives. All of these are "must sees" as far as I'm concerned.--Helen, Connecticut.


My favourite TV show at the moment is Smallville only because I have always been a big fan of "Superman" and comics in general. I am very pleased to see that the creators of this show have tipped their hat to the original "Superman" movie by including Christopher Reeves in a couple of the early episodes. And the guy who plays Lex Luthor is brilliant! Again, I think the shows creators have tipped their hat to the original Superman movie by making the character of Lex Luthor bald in this show. It's a pity that in Australia at the moment they are only showing it on the Ten HD channel.

Regards, computeraddict99, Sydney.


My favourite tv show would have to be a reality tv show! I love Survivor, The Amazing Race and even So you think you can dance. I also really love Playschool as it keeps my little boy occupied for half an hour! Dianne, Australia.



Torchwood is my new favorite obsession. Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica are major favorites. I enjoy the pretty on Supernatural. But for all time favorites – show where I watch the DVDs over and over again Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. -egb63




I am a Greys Anatomy junkie. I love it. The funny thing is so do so many other people..........................


I love Greys Anatomy too. It is the most awesome show on T.V. I also like Dancing with the Stars.


I am embarrassed to say that I watch WAY too much TV. Currently my favories are: House, Pushing Daisies, Bones, CSI: NY, Numbers, Ghost Hunters, How I Met Your Mother, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and Legend of the Seeker; and my old favorites on DVD: X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, MacGuyver, and Due South.

~Julie H.



Some of my all-time favorite TV shows are The West Wing, Due South, Sports Night and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Poor Brisco never stood a chance. Almost every week it was on at a different day and time. ~Crism2002


Favorite TV Shows

Law and Order: all 3

CSI: all 3

Criiminal Minds


Will and Grace

Ugly Betty

West Wing


How I met Your Mother


My Name is Earl

Mad Men

30 Rock


Sally B. San Antonio Public Library


I easily tire of new shows so I can't say that I watch many of them, especially on network TV. The shows I do have on my DVR and that I do watch later are:



Paranormal State

The Big Bang Theory

The Universe

UFO Hunters

Scare Tactics


Psychic Kids