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Favorite Vacation Spots

Page history last edited by Sharon GR 11 years, 3 months ago

Seattle WA is the best--mountains, water, green, mild weather in Aug. and Sept!



Abuela loves anywhere near a beach, Puerto Rico being a favorite place, but the Connecticut shore is most easily accessible. "Home" was southern California, La Jolla Cove the most memorable, but a more recent visit was nostalgic but not as pristine as remembered. Las Vegas is nice to visit but no beach, so not a place to relax and restore one's soul.


Imagine staying on an island so close to Athens that you could wake up in the morning and in 2 hours by ferry be walking around the Acropolis, shopping in the flea-market or wandering around the Plaka.


The sand and pebble beaches of Poros are situated in small sheltered bays. The turquoise waters are deep and crystalline.


I stayed in a beautiful stone cottage, complete with hammock for the afternoon siestas.


I dined in the evenings at local Tavernas - enjoyed music and fresh seafood (selected from tanks in which it was still swimming)!


  • Poros.....a blissful experience!LjubljanaFavorite Vacation Destinations:**


My favorite place to visit are the National Parks in Utah, USA. A couple hours east of Las Vegas is Zion National Park with its huge rock formations, hiking trails, and unbelievable views. Within two hours of Zion are Bryce Canyon and its famous hoodoo rock formations, and of course, the Grand Canyon (North Rim). Another couple of hours north of Bryce Canyon are Arches National Park and Canyonlands. The scenery is fantastic and lots of hiking for all members of the family.


There is not another beach in the United States as beautiful as South Padre Island, TX. Great for all you "snow-birds". Yvonne


My favourite place to go for a weekend is Port Stephens, NSW. I stay with my grandmother on her waterfront property and it is beautiful. I like being far away from the city. Kangaroos come through the property on a daily basis and I see Dolphins almost every time I go boating there. It's great if you're into the outdoors. Karen


I love the islands around Vancouver, BC. - Jairia



The most idyllic spot I have been to (and I've been to many) was the small island of Ihuru in the Maldives. Back in the 80's it was basic, unspoiled, tiny, lush, unbelievably beautiful and absolute paradise. I suspect that it is now very fancy with all the mod-cons, which is kind of a shame in a way. It's a swish Angsana spa resort now - I just had a look at the website and I must confess it still looks pretty darn gorgeous. Expensive though. D.


Falls Creek, Victoria, in the winter has the village atmosphere, great skiing and the Ski school to occupy the kids. A great holiday for the family.

Lovely to visit but the arrival is scary! Small plane + strong side winds + short runway = close to hysterical passengers! and these were the locals.


The Australian Alps covered in their winter snow are really beautiful.


Lord Howe Island




Lovely to visit but the arrival is scary! Small plane + strong side winds + short runway = close to hystrical pasasangers! and these were the locals.


Rosemary ---Nothing beats a walk along the beach at Venus Bay, when you have the whole beach to yourself.....apart from the seagulls!!


Bern-Love going to Japan and overseas


Jamie - My favorite vacation spot is Walt Disney World.


Maryanne - If you ever want to go on holidays to Qld, Noosaville is fantastic, especially if you have kids. The Islander Noosa Resort has great accommodation, great price, wonderful location. Late Sept and early October has been wonderful weather for us. We have been the last 5 years and have re-booked for 2008. Hastings Street is overblown!!


Anne - I love Scotland. In 2001, I enjoyed 10 days of touring there, for the most part in lovely sunny weather & have many wonderful memories. Edinburgh & Loch Ness were two highlights.


I love holidaying on the Murray River in Victoria, Australia - nothing like fishing and a book for relaxation!


Sue's Big Adventure - YPL Learning 2.0

Our favorite vacation place is Siesta Key Florida. It is on the Gulf coast and the sand ihas bee rated as on of the top ten beaches in the world by National Geogrpahic. The sand is white and always cool. There is much to see and do there. Many good resturants.


- Is one of the undiscovered places of the world. Although it is a university town it has lots of interesting things to see and do or you can just simply people watch from one of the many cafes along the river. Depends which side the sun is shining on as to where the crowds are sitting but given that this is a country that doesn't have a lot of summer/hot days. The buildings are great architectoral structures and one of the fun things we saw was a plaque for the society Fighting for Recognition of Sautéed Potatoes as a Main Dish.

I guess you could say this photo took my fancy.











Emerald Isle, NC: This has been one of my favorite spots for relaxing for over 24 years. My friends and I don't go every September, but we love sitting on the deck of our duplex, reading and watching the waves come in. Sometimes we get "hurricaned out", and have to leave early or change plans and not go at all. That's what happens when you take September vacations during prime hurricane months. We still love to go that time of year - the beaches are not busy - neither are the stores and restaurants. The weather is usually really great - hot days, cool nights, and the water is warm. We went this September and had a great time - can't wait to go again.


Favorite Vacation Destinations



Fiji: "Bula": having returned from a wonderful family holiday in Fiji only three days ago, there is no difficulty in picking a favourite holiday destination!

Orange Beach AL is a lovely beach area on the Gulf with white sand and blue water, and lots of tropical fish. There are great hotels and condos, and some fabulous restaurants.


Paleohora in Crete (Greek Island) is my favourite summer holiday not only because I was born there and know the people, if you have visited you will know why and St Petersburg ( sorry kristofer it is better than sweden) in the winter, the hermitage, river neva, st isaacs and on on wow! it's the best.


Moss Landing, CA. Right outside of Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World. Very quiet, by the ocean, close to Monterey. Very scenic!!


I like Brice canyon Utah. That area of the country, southern Utah northern Arizona, is just beautiful. There is color every where. In the rocks, pine trees, the sky, both at night and in the day time. The volcanos north of Flagstaff, AZ were something something to see. We only had a week and only scrathed the surface of the sights and things to do.


Do you have a favorite vacation destination? Or a location that is on your "must visit" list for the future? Add it here and share it with other Learning 2.0 participants.


Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL is a place that has to be experienced to be believed. It was the most wonderful day my family and I have ever spent together. It was so beautiful and every need is anticipated and fulfilled!


I have several places I really have enjoyed. Not in any particular order...New York, Florida, Las Vegas and just about any and all beaches. I LOVE Broadway shows so New York was a lot of fun.


Italy. If you have a drop of Italian blood, you'll know it the minute you step off the plane. It's home.


I enjoy traveling. Period. I enjoy going to different places rather than returning to places I've been. I really liked France. I was able to rent a car and head to the hinterlands to experience the towns, talk with the locals, sample dishes from the regions. Yes, Paris is a nice city to visit, but it's like any big city: dirty, overcrowded, and full of rude people. No thanks. I'll take rual France anytime.


Favourite holiday spot: Tasmania. Can't beat a homecoming.


My favourite place to holiday - Tasmania. A small island but heaps to see and do, in all seasons.


One of the most beautiful villages in Mexico is Sayulita. It is on the coast, the average temperature is 70 degrees year round, the food is wonderful, people are friendly and there are inexpensive places to stay there.

Oddly enough, Israel. Easy to eat, easy to communicate, very friendly. It did help a lot to know an emigre...


-- My favorite place is INDIA Indiana. It is so diverse. There are so many languages, religions, & customs. Ones senses and sensibilities as assaulted. There are so many diverse colors, odors, noises, and temperatures. The food bazaars are colorful. Rows of fruits and vegetables are arranged as works of art. The spice tents have huge cones of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and other spices. It is almost painful to the olfactory nerves. It is a case of too much of a good thing. The flower vendors have artistic displays full of perfume. Noise is constant day and night. The crowds at the airport are huge as the entire neighborhood comes to see someone off or to greet their return. People are always jostling to get to the front of the line. In the northern desert areas, the temperatures are high during the day and cold at night. -- Gatorgal



Green Bay Wisconsin -- during Packers training camp!


Broome in northern Western Australia is a great place to visit. Enjoy the beaches and relax, investigate the history of the pearling industry. Travel north to Cape Leveque and enjoy the dtamatic scenery, the isolation, the dramatic tides. Relax and enjoy a break from city life.


I loved Tuscany, particularly the old hilltop villages like Pitigliano and Montalcino. Pitigliano was founded by the Etruscans in about the 6th century BC, and you can still see their tombs and walkways. Italy has so much history and art and I just love Rome. It is so exciting




Best winter vacation spot: Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen, Vermont. Great cross-country skiing, fabulous chef, cocktail parties around the fireplace, and the hottest sauna in existence.

Best summer vacation spot: Moosehead Lake, Maine. OK, the water never really gets warm, but where else can you go these days and see more eagles than humans? Kayaking, hiking, drinking beer on the dock.


*It is a small world - my mom knows the people who own the Blueberry Hill Inn!!



  • Do I have to pick just one favourite destination? There are so many, I'm off to the South Island of New Zealand on New Year's Eve - truly God's own country! France, Norway and Italy are also favourites, not to forget the UK - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. And Port Douglas in Queensland - so many great places! KM in Melbourne, Australia


*South Mountain State Park is in fact making me jump on the NC Mountains bandwagon, but look at what I saw last weekend:




  • London is the best, but now I want to go to Scotland.
  • Nova Scotia wins hands down as my favorite vacation spot. My husband and I have been there twice, and both times it was hard to come back home. There is just something magical about Nova Scotia. The people are so friendly and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I am a huge fan of lighthouses and Nova Scotia has some of the most beautiful lighthouses I've ever seen, and they are all very well taken care of. My husband and I are also very big auction buffs, so we attended several auctions while in Nova Scotia and we were able to purchase some really unique antiques that we simply couldn't have purchased back in the states.


  • Mykonos, Greece I just love this small island just south of Athens. It's very peaceful and tranquil. I just love the narrow street that zigzag around the white building with the blue rooftop. I felt like I was belong there. - life_is_bella


  • I love visiting the North Carolina Mountains. H.McDowell - Me too! MJ


  • Anywhere in Germany because the countryside is beautiful and the people are friendly. LBlackmon


  • It's a real toss up between Egypt and Hawaii. Egypt is so incredibly fascinating and ancient, Hawaii is beautiful and so relaxing.


  • Trinidad, CA (Northern California) - this tiny town of 291 is situated on the rocky Pacific coast among the giant redwood trees. A perfect getaway for a relaxing week at the beach with the family. - H. Blowers


  • Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Florida This is the seashell capital of the US, and is relatively non-commercial for Florida. A great spot for a slow-paced vacation with lots of fishing, great local-only restaurants (they don't allow chains on the island for the most part)and rental properties suitable for groups or families. We loved it! - G. Stem


  • Canadian Rockies The most breath-taking scenery anywhere is found in the Canadian Rockies. The Rocky Mountaineer Railtour boasts "the most spectacular scenery in the world." What a trip from Vancouver, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Columbia Icefields, to Calgary! This is truly a trip of a lifetime. - J. Griffin


  • Kauai, Hawaii The northern shore of Kauai, Napali Coast State Park, is the most beautiful spot I've ever seen - the water is crystal clear, and the mountains are astounding. You can hike in to hidden beaches too. These places are accessible only by foot or boat. Gorgeous! - R. Held


  • San Antonio, TX Looking forward to visiting San Antonio, TX in the near future. It will be a whirlwind trip because I won it and have been generously awarded admissions to theme parks, museums, and of course, the Alamo! Five days and four nights of Anticipation! LJO


  • Highlands, NC Used to have a home in Highlands. Have hiked many of the mountains and have visited most of the waterfalls. The Blue Ridge mountains are the best.I shall always consider it home. GL


  • Star Clipper Cruises These elegant tall masted sailing ships visit a variety of destinations. I've sailed on the Star Clipper twice, both times in the Caribbean, and I hope to go on one of their cruises in the Meditteranean or Thailand one day. ~ DAB


  • Anywhere in Canada - without a doubt! I plan to visit every province - have been to 6 so far. pam s.


  • Disney World is my favorite vacation place!


  • Anyone who knows me would tell you I'd say Wisconsin and that's true, I love that state. But right now I would like to go to Norway more than anything. ~ MKyle


  • London. London, London, London, London, London.


  • NYC. It's been ages! -Beth


  • NC waterfalls. What can I say...I'm a simple lady. - DAL


  • Ireland. It truly is as green and lush as photos you may have seen. And the people are very friendly and laid-back.


  • New England in the fall, especially Vermont...The crisp air, the fall smell and the beautiful colors


  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts The beaches! The food! The people! The scenery! Is there anything not to love about Cape Cod? -Jessica Magelaner


  • Disney World - Orlando - it's for people of all ages. Carolina Beach is very nice - warmest water on the NC coast.
  • Compton is beautiful this time of year!


  • Seattle, New York City, and Hilton Head. Luckily, when I visited Seattle and New York City the weather was ideal. Loved being able to walk and see and do so much in Seattle and New York City. Even though Hilton Head has grown, I still love it, the walking on the beach, the bike riding, the shopping, the theaters, even saw a great play there ~ Debbie



  • One of my favorite vacation spots is Wrightsville Beach, NC. It is a great, non-commercialized beach that has just enough around town for you to do that you're not bored, but such a great beach that you'll want to be on the beach every day you can! Jessica/MOR, Ditto! Megan/ML


  • My best vacation was to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The water is so blue and there was great snorkeling. St. John was my favorite island. It was less commericalized and had more of an island feel. ~ Bookgirl


  • Santa Barbara on the West coast and Charleston on the East coast-The West has the mountains and the beach all in one vista-gorgeous. The East has the calmer surf and low country laid back atmosphere, lovely and serene.


  • Scotland Even having to go with 7th and 8th graders didn't diminish the experience. It was a beautiful country and the people were friendly and very willing to talk to you. I'd go back in a minute!! GammyL


  • Never been there, but my dream vacation spot (my place of zen) would be a little cottage in Seaside, Fl.


  • Quonochontaug Beach, RI. Spent all my youth at this beach. I loved the rugged New England coast. I have many happy memories of the area. -phrog26


  • Oak Haven Resort and Spa in Sevierville, TN is a great place to refresh and relax among the beautiful mountains and gorgeous natural space. Of course there are lots of fun-filled attractions and shopping within a 30 - 45 minute drive. But I am most happy just sitting in the porch swing reading and looking out over the mountains! ~ readlotsofbooks


  • We've traveled a lot out west and there are some incredible places but they all pale in comparison to Yellowstone. If we get anywhere close, we now go to Yellowstone.


  • I'm particularly in love with Ocracoke, NC. Great place to spend a weekend and a few hundred smackers. ~ Russ


  • Tigh-na-Mara Resort on Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville, B.C., Canada. Huge beach for the children to play on, lovely resort geared to families. Even the animals - raccoon, deer come to visit. Retiredt-l


Hilton Head Island. You can golf, play tennis, swim and bike any where you want to go and it is so close you can go for a weekend.


  • We go to Aruba every year with my in-laws who have a house there and I love it, but I am dying to go to NY and stay at the Library Hotel. It sounds so neat- the floors and rooms are organized according to the Dewey Decimal System and each room has a corresponding theme. And there are over 6,000 books in the hotel! http://www.libraryhotel.com/


  • The CanCun people usually don't see. Skip the bars and the beach and go see the Mayan ruins. Talk about walking in the footsteps of greatness. It's absolutely beautiful. And for the environmentally conscious there are these all day natural resorts http://www.xel-ha.com/ where if you get biodegradable sunblock you can swim with exotic fish. BRING AN UNDERWATER CAMERA because you'll never get this close again! Plus you can swim with and pet the dolphins (for a fee of course).

*I love to visit the grands in McAlester, Oklahoma and my old library where I was Librarian- McAlester Public Library. You can visit Lake Eufaula and go camping (free) if you don't mind ticks and chiggers and go before June (tornado season) or after August...Storyspinner2



New York City!!


I love being a tourist in my home town and state of Victoria, Australia, check out all we have to offer and if anyone needs advice on Australia, contact me, I work casually as a tour guide.

I also fell in love with North Carolina when I visited last year, hiking through the Pisgah Wilderness


I stayed in the cutest little cabin perched on the site of a high hill in Maggie Valley, NC at Bubba Ds.





I've just come back from touring around Italy for nearly 4 weeks and the sights are fantastic. In Rome there is so much to see, but I particularly loved the ruins found in The Roman Forum and the Palatine. Of course, Pompeii is amazing too with so much being uncovered.


Florence was probably my favourite city in Italy, with the beautiful Il Duomo and the gorgeous views of the city from Fort Belvedere. From there you get a panoramic view of the Ponte Vecchio straddling the Arno River.


Another favourite city is Venice with its numerous bridges of all types and sizes and the tiny little laneways and streets that take you to lots of little interesting buildings and holes in the walls. And that first view of St. Mark's is just breathtaking with its distinctive architecture.


Cinque Terre is a great area to visit to do the walk between the five unique villages there. It's great to walk one way and catch the boat back so that you have a view of the villages from the water.



The Bellarine Pennisula is a great vacation spot.

Beaches are clean and its not very far from Melbourne.

Great spot for snorkling.


For a totally foreign place (and yet they speak English), where even the grass is different, and land formations are spectacular, visit New Zealand. The people are great, and there's very little traffic except in cities. My best friend and I had the greatest time there one year and are planning to go back.


Prince Edward Island was an awesome getaway trip. The island is tiny, easily drivable, and beaches are everywhere. The people are friendly, and there's hardly any traffic. Getting there can be tricky but definitely worth it!


South Dakota was a wonderful trip-Mt. Rushmore is something to see and the people are so friendly and polite. This is one vacation we'd love to do again sometime.


We go to Deep Creek Maryland alot. It's really pretty up there and if you get the right house it can be very peaceful. The last time we were there we had lots of deer walking through the yard. Also the Outer Banks are nice. I am the only one in my family to go so far but we're going this May and I am looking forward to sitting on the deck of the beach house and just feeling the energy from the ocean.


St. Augustine, Florida is a beautiful place to vacation. It is the nation's oldest city. I had two amazing views. From my bedroom balcony I had a view of the river and from the family room and front balcony, I had a gorgeous view of the ocean. It is a place that I would visit again and again. I saw a manatee swimming up river while I was visiting Fort Mantanza and a lot of gators at the St. Augustine Alligator farm. There were so many sites that I didn't have the chance to see, but I hope to on my next visit. Mystic Emerald Isle


Lisbon, Tillicoultry, San Diego, New Orleans


Everything about Italy is so enchanting. The light, the food, the fashion, the language and the life style are unmatched. I love it! Could go back every year if I could afford it.


French Polynesia,

I'd recommend it to anyone. Snorkling was great. People are friendly. Hot in July! Probably not the best time to visit. We cruised the islands.



My family never went on vacation much, so anywhere I go now that gets me away from the every day of work is a favorite vacation spot for me. My husband and I like to vacation on off times when there is not a lot of tourists around. But my 2 favorite places (of the few I have been to) are the Pocono area of Pennsylvania (nice hiking and pretty waterfalls) and the island of St. John (snorkling was a blast!).


Sand Mountain: Fallon Nevada

This is just a wonderful place to visit, though I recommend going during the week as people with four wheelers often come on the weekends and drive up and down the mountain. It is a destination that is exactly what it is named a mountain of sand that is trapped between some mountains in Nevada, and moves a little bit everyday. There is also an old pony express station near by.


Upper Peninsula, Michigan

In particular, the Stonington Peninsula area. An old lighthouse on the "point" is a perfect place for a picnic while staying at nearby resorts, cottages, or motels.


How can I pick a favourite spot? So much depends on when you go, who you go with, how you're feeling etc etc. Sometimes places that seem magical the first time lose their gloss when revisited. But the world is a wonderful place, and I have never lost my itchy feet and the excitement I feel when I arrive somewhere new.


Not much money, little time, can't make it to any of those places listed above so I just stagger on over to my favorite wineries in Mahoning County: see www.mastropietrowinery.com and www.myrddinwine.com


Galapagos Islands is the trip


of a lifetime! The blue-footed boobies are as fascinating as


everyone says. We went with Celebrity Cruises and would recommend



their trip.



Hawaii-would be my favorite place to visit. We just returned from an 11 day cruise and it was wonderful. Seeing the islands from a cruise ship is the way to go, we did rent a car in every port and spent the day sightseeing. Ship excursions run about 100-200 dollars a person, while a car rents for about 50-75 dollars a day. With four people this was the only smart way to go.


We got to view the lava from the volcanos at night, and to see Molokai cliffs, some of the highest in the world. The scenery is beyond description and we were fortunate to hit beautiful weather all days.


Mykonos, Greece is fantastic place to slow down and enjoy the scenery, both flora (gorgeous plants and flowers) and fauna (of the human kind)! Sea and sky aren't bad either!


Our family loves the Outer Banks - we have been going there often for the last 20 years. We have many happy memories of our time there.


I love the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas. Branson is full of wonderful- heart- of- America fun. It is reasonalby priced and something for everyone in that part of God's country.


Myrtle Beach, Chicago, New York City!


St. Lucia is gorgeous!


Thailand is lots of fun - especially when haggling at the markets & getting some great bargains!!


Well, I have recently been to New York City and I loved it. There is so much to see but you really need alot of money to really experience everything. There is alot of walking involved which I really liked. I believe the atmosphere is alive but pricey. Its a great place to visit but I wouldn't like to live there.



Machu Picchu - PERU

It is hard to chose a holiday spot whitin Latin America, there are so many, so diverse, so exotic and beautiful... but a visit to Machu Picchu is a dreamlike experience. The Inca trail is a 2-4 four day journey on foot (or train option) to the pre-Columbian Inca city located at 2,430 m (7,970 ft) altitude. If you complete the challenge I think you can die in piece, you have already been in Heaven, literally among the clouds.

It is not only a fitness challenge, it is also a spiritual journey, they say only experienced in very few special places on this planet (ex Tibet).

Here is where I was the most hungry ever, the most tired ever, the most incontinent ever but also the most amazed, astonish and happy I ever felt in my whole. A memorable holiday adventure.


I am A DisneyWorld fan for life!!!! I go at least twice a year and always wish we could stay. One of these days....


I love Anglesea in Victoria, Australia. It is a lovely spot where the bush meets the sea. You can surf, relax on the beach, or go for a bushwalk...whatever tickles your fancy.


I love Inverloch in Victoria - it's a great surf beach and a lovely, historical little town.


Post Falls, Idaho, USA is my favourite place in the world to visit, I lived there for a year in 2001. And my favourite place to visit in the town was always the Post Falls Public Library, the staff are fantastic and always very helpful. Post Falls was named after Frederick Post who constructed a sawmill on the Spokane River.



THE COOK ISLANDS is a fave. Mostly because I am recently married and went there for my honeymoon!!!


If you love North Queensland, and you have already seen the main tourist destinations, try the Frankland Islands. These are on the outer reef between Cairns and Innisfall. The cruise out there is fantastic and you end up on an island of prristine beauty. Only small numbers of visitors can go there. Go diving and snorkelling and take in a guided walk with a marine biologist. A fantastic trip..


Shanghai - I loved it, a shopping heaven, more interesting than Hongkong (thumbs down) - A must "visit" city when you book your next trip to China, highly recommended!



Florida Disney was my favourite vacation spot. As well as the destination it might have been the fact that my whole family was there. We spent 4 days at the different theme parks and had a great time. The rides are all appropriate for the different ages and heights and are all related to Disney shows. Fantastic - would recommend it to everyone, but have a good stash of cash with you, as money just flies from your wallet.


Honduras! Most particularly {http://www.bibr.com/ |Bay Island Beach Resort} on Roatan, next to Spooky Channel, a cool dive experience!! We have been several times and always enjoy the experience. The diving is phenomenal especially in the winter months. In summer, the water is warm and murky and one runs the risk of hurricanes. The owners (American) are very involved in the day to day running of the resort, you have some form of bananas at every meal (: ) and the atmosphere is sooo laid back. My favorite pastime between morning and afternoon dives was to lay in a hammock under a palm tree on the white sand beach. What a time!


The mountains of the western United States. The Rockies in Colorado, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, the Cascades in Washington are all incredible, especially to those of us from the eastern U.S. It's also interesting to note how different the mountains are in each location. If you can only visit one place, try Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.


My favourite vacation place is Port Douglas. It is peaceful, relaxing and perfect. The locals are friendly and there is always lots of fun things to do.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia I love to drive along the Great Ocean Road. The views are magnificent and the towns along the route are all worth a good look. I also like the variety of architecture e.g the Pole House at Fairhaven. There is also a good chance of whale spotting. Away from the road there is also plenty to look at e.g. tree top walk, 12 apostles etc. A travel guide will cover it more thoroughly than I can do here.''


I agree! The Great Ocean Road is one of the most exciting stretches of coastline that you can drive anywhere in the world. It has that added attraction of a roller coaster ride through the Otway Ranges, too.


Basically anywhere with a good beach. After that, Western Australia in wildflower season. Lisek


Cape Jaffa in South Australia is a great place to get away from it all. In early January they have a Seafood and Wine Festival that allows you to try many of the wines of the region and eat as much crayfish, prawns, oysters etc. as you want. DV


I have recently returned from a holiday in Sabah - which is the nothern part of the island of Borneo - Sabah is part of Malaysia. It is a beautiful place ofr a holiday - the people are charming, it is so inexpensive and there is a wonderful combination of luxury resorts and rougher lodges from where you can visit some amazing wildlife - like great varieties of monkeys, orang utangs, giant turtles. Louise


Kakadu in July - fantastic weather, eery burning off, wonderful Aboriginal cultural centres and places of sheer beauty such as Yellow Water at dawn, Nourlangie rock, Ubirr and Gunlom Falls. Has spurred me on to want to see more of the Northern Territory. Sue


NOVA SCOTIA is particularly beautiful in the Fall. My husband and I had such a romantic time driving through the gorgeous countryside and small towns. There are miles and miles of coast and the people are very friendly. My husband wanted to buy property on the spot! We also enjoyed Halifax. Laurie


Torrumbarry Weir along the Murray River Beautiful place to camp, relax and enjoy


IRELAND, ITALY, KUWAIT and DUBAI - Last Sept/Oct I was lucky to visit these diverse destinations. Loved the quaint little towns in Ireland. Captivating Venice was favourite in Italy (but also loved Rome, Sorrento, Positano, Florence (oh the art, the shopping!). Favourite son lives in Kuwait where they were celebrating Eid, the end of Ramadan so the atmosphere was festive and friendly. Dubai- well can't say I'd rush back but it is interesting to see what was a fishing and pearling village on the shores of a creek in the 1950s, becoming Disneyland/Vegas of the Middle East. Ciao, Coalcity-girl.



IRELAND - it is the most extraordinary place with the most extraordinary people. So much fun and such beautiful scenery

NORWAY - I will never forget the time that I spent there or the Northern Lights - a magical, mstical experience

Cheers - frangipani04


Himalayas.... Travelling in the Himalayas is the most rewarding adventure I have done.Whether youy are in Nepal or India the experience is exhilarating the mountains, the people are just amazing.....Traveller


I loved my holiday to SE Asia - my favourite spot was Siem Reap in Cambodia and visiting the amazing temples such as Angkor Wat. Dianne, Australia


I absolutely love Las Vegas! I've gone at least once a year for the past 6 years, with my next trip in April. There's always something to do and see in Vegas - even in the middle of the night. danieBOB in California


I love going to Spring Training Baseball games--Arizona or Florida. I started a blog in 2005 to chronicle my travels. It's at http://baseballroadtrips.blogspot.com/.



Batu Ferringhi in Penang, Malaysia is the best place I've ever been. I usually go back once a year. The food is great, accomodation cheap, but good and the people are so helpful and friendly.


If you've ever thought of doing a pilgrimage let me recommend the Camino in Spain which ends at Santiago de Compostella. Pierre & I started from Burgos and walked for 4 weeks. Unfortunately we ran out of time but we're planning to finish the walk next year. The image is of our favourite overnight stay, a delightful village called Fromista. Peta


After trekking through the hills of Northern Thailand a quiet 5 days on Koh Samat Island snorkeling was wonderful. beautiful warm clear water. The fish enjoyed our company and the town down the road which was a basic dirt track provided the night time entertainment. Sadly I have not had the chance to get back since 2003 but, I am hoping.



I really like the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina-Michelle


The best vacation spot -- high in the Rocky Mountains. Away from the commercialism in the peace of the woods and the trees and the rocks, perfect for the physical strain of mountain climbing and the quietness of rest and time alone with family.



Well, I like Corpus Christi and the San Padre National Seashore. On a completely different note, I also love London, UK. Leigh in Texas


The best vacation beach - Virgin Islands - Magens Bay in St. Thomas or St. Martin is very nice too. Purplepal23


my fave vacation spot is Philadelphia, PA. i've visited there several times & i love it's mix of historical sites, art galleries, shopping, sports & nightlife.


I really like the hustle and bustle of Baltimore. Lots of history along the Chesapeake Bay. And really good crab bisque. The humidity reminded me of San Antonio. :)



Big fan of Lake Winnapasauke in New Hampshire- especially in the early morning, before the tourists all wake up. It's so beautiful and calm. The Sqaum Lakes region has some fantastic hiking trails, well maintained, and a variety of difficulty levels.  -Sharon GR


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Anonymous said

at 1:47 pm on Aug 9, 2007

I would have to say that my fave place to go is the Outer Banks N.C. It's beautiful there. The beaches are great and the farther you go down toward Hatteras the the better it gets (if you like it a bit quieter and less shops).

Anonymous said

at 1:53 pm on Sep 28, 2007

I love to go to the Maine coast

Anonymous said

at 3:57 pm on Oct 2, 2007

I like to visit new places. Have enjoyed Bonita Beach FL, Cayman Islands, NYC, Seattle area, Victoria BC, Chicago, Grand Canyon, Colorado, but my 2 favorites were Hawaii for the beauty and excitement and Israel for it's great historical and spiritual significance, plus it was beautiful, wonderful food and unforgetable.

Anonymous said

at 4:43 pm on Oct 20, 2007

I love cruising the carribean islands but I must admit that Alaska was by far my all time best vacation spot. You can look at all the pictures that you want but until you see a glacier up close and all the tremendous scenery there is you can't even fathom all of the beauty that there is.

Anonymous said

at 12:56 am on Nov 24, 2007

I love going to the Victorian spa country - Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Glenlyon. There's great coffee and galleries, food, walks and often too many tourists.

Anonymous said

at 10:51 am on May 2, 2008

My husband and I enjoyed our eco-camp at Mayo Bay, St. John
everything expect the misquitos.

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