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Favourite Sports Stars

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Sports men and women


My favorite go-kart driver is my 15 y.o. nephew ... Go JJ Go!


The Collingwood football team are my favourite sports men and women! Love Bucks, although now retired. I also like Nick Maxwell, Scott Pendlebury and the little Irishman Martin Clarke. What a team! Sue


What about all those sports heroes that have adorned our bedroom walls / locker doors etc? Reveal all here!


To get the ball rolling - every pun intended - my fave was Bjorn Borg - now there was a role model.


Ben Roethlisberger is my fave. A real class guy on and off the field.


  • You've got to love Pete Sampras and Lindsey Davenport. They both have so much talent and had to put up with people making fun of them. They said Pete was too boring, and Lindsey was too big. They might not have been showy, but they had quiet talent.


Being a girl from the beach, my sports heroes have been surfers. Number one is KELLY SLATER, 7 time world surfing champion and all round good guy. Sure, his appearance in Baywatch was a bit dubious. And his liaison with Pammy. But apart from that, he's been a great ambassador for surfing for the last decade.


Glenn Archer is an AFL footballer whom I think is fantastic. I predicted that he would be one of the very best footballers that North Melbourne would ever have in his very first AFL game for North Melbourne. My husband and friends at the time thought I was rediculous, but who is laughing now. He is certainly just as I predicted and my favourite sports player of all time.


marylouretton an inspiration then and now



My favourite sports star is Stuart O'Grady. I have watched him for years in the Tour de France and earlier this year was thrilled when he won the paris-roubaix classic (over cobblestones) which has to be the toughest cycle race in the world. He fell once and had a puncture but somehow came from nowhere when the main rider in his CSC team, Fabian Cancellara,started to struggle in the unseasonal heat. It is such a well deserved win for such a gutsy sportsman. Sadly Stuart had a very bad fall in the Tour de france later in the year but he will bounce back as he has done before. Well done Stuey!


Stuart O'Grady with trophy (one of the cobblestones!) (unfortunately not much coverage in the australian media so here is a photo from Belgium news( I think), found on del.icio.us)


I think Gary Ablett snr. was the greatest footballer i have ever seen play Aussie Rules.


My favorite baseball player, at one time, was Sammy Sosa when he played for the Cubs. My favorite softball player is Crystl Bustos and meeting her in person was a definite highlight! All the naysayers about her "masculinity" are just jealous of her abilities as a female athlete.


My favorite sports star is former Blatimore Colts Wide Receiver and New England Patriots head coach Raymond Berry. He was never that great of an athlete even compared to his contemporaries, but was the dominate wide receiver of his era and his hard work led his team to a national championship in 1958. He worked harder to be a successful player than almost any other athlete out there and was the prototype modern football player who spent all of his spare time studying his opponents and practicing. PW.

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