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Favourite Wines

Page history last edited by EleanorThomas 11 years, 3 months ago

Have a look at the favorites of some of your colleagues here!


  • My favourite wine would have to be Four Sisters Sauvignon Blanc Semillon - it is an easy drinking, fresh & crisp wine. Perfect for the coming Australian summer.
  • This beautiful Chardonnay is buttery and has a great nose. It goes well with seafood - I had it last year with Morteon Bay Bugs and it was superb. It's quite expensive - around $35 so it's a special treat!
  • This Australian Shiraz is an inexpensive, reliable wine to accompany light dinners or for sipping with snacks. The vintage is unimportant since the quality remains high for the price of the wine (less than $10 US). Try it!


I second the Alice White Shiraz. It's unpretentious, but very drinkable for those times when you want to enjoy without trying to impress. I'd also like to recommend "Princepessa Gavi," a white wine made from the Cortese grape in the Piedmont region of Italy. This $14.00 wine is excellent chilled during those hot summer months, cuts the thirst with its refreshing green apple and citrus palette, and goes well with all seafood. Gavi has a fuller body than Pinot Grigio, but less than many Chardonnay. [Saxhorn-12/30/08]


Tyrells Lost Block Semillon. This semillon is a real cracker. I first had it back in 2003 and loved it. This years vintage is as good, and cheaper than ever before. Yum!





I really like Killawarra Dusk.

It's a sparkling wine with Strawberry flavour.

Comment from the website: Killawarra have made a name for crafting delicious sparkling wines. Strawberries and champagne may be a traditional partnering, but a sparkling Strawberry wine is new and contemporary. Killawarra Dusk is created from a very unique blend of grapes, sourced from vineyards across South and southeast Australia's vineyards. The sensational flavours of Killawarra Dusk are the result of carefully balancing the separate wine and strawberry components of the cuvée. Made from the best of the harvest, perfect for putting some funk into your evening, Killawarra Dusk is a popular, cool and simply delicious wine, designed to let you celebrate in magnificent effervescent pink style. Alcohol 11.5%





Beringer White Zinfandel... nice to wind down with at the end of a difficult day ...not too sweet, not to bitter


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